10 Thoughts You Have While Waiting on an Airport

10 Thoughts You Have While Waiting on an Airport

Will the hell that is holiday traveling ever end?


I have always claimed to be fond of airports. As a writer, I enjoy observing crowds of people, I feel like it is my responsibility to gather the stories that otherwise would go untold. I was always the first one to jump when it was time to pick up someone from the airport, fascinated by the travel stories of my family members and the reunions that I witnessed at the arrivals gate.

I did not travel much when I was younger, which caused me to think of airports as abstract concepts. Places where I stopped by for a few minutes and walked out with someone I loved by my side. Now that I am an international student, I find myself in airports quite often, yet I had never traveled during the holiday season until this past weekend. And it was an absolute nightmare.

I arrived five hours before my flight, because I was travelling with two friends whose flights were before mine. My flight was scheduled for 5:15pm, and I ended up leaving after 7:30. One of my friends was still waiting by the time I left.

1. Duty free shopping!

2. Is there nowhere to sit down?

3. I guess this floor will do

4. I shouldn't have shopped for souvenirs

5. Why is all the food expensive?

6. I should have packed more snacks

7. What do you mean delayed?!

8. I don't remember life outside of this place.

9.Last minute gate change?!

10. Finally!

All of this only to remember that, in the end, you hate flying.

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