We all get anxious and we all get impatient with it. We hear every cliché in the book about, "You're still young," "You still have plenty of time," and "The right person will come when you least expect it." Okay, we get it. The same thing is heard over and over again.

With all these different things that are told to us about nothing being wrong with being single and waiting for the right person, most people don't even take into consideration that being in a relationship just to say they're in one is a waste of time. Love is not as simple as it seems and you can't just expect someone to be your soulmate even if they're a spitting image of you. We all wish everything would work out smoothly with everyone, but the truth is that we are meant to wait for our true half to be out there.

Giving the wrong person all that you have (attention, love, affection, and, dare I say, even sexual relations) is wrong. They don't care about you or your needs: they just want you to make you feel better about yourself and, more importantly, themselves. They don't belong in your life and they don't care about helping you grow and change. Sometimes the unpopular alternative is for the best: Being single until that person shows up.

In today's society and lifestyle, it's very difficult to try and stay single. It's because we see all our peers and friends and what they're doing in their lives. Myself, personally, I get agitated and annoyed seeing my friends from high school continuing on relationships and some even about to get married and even having kids. People should not refuse to give people chances that are worth our time but we also shouldn't jump the gun with someone.

Just because one date with someone goes well, does not mean that person is right for you and just because you don't click with someone right away does not mean that person is not interested in you. There's plenty of other things you can do and diving into a new person every time you're single is not one of those options.

And for those with the bullshit definition of love being when you want or need to be with them every second of the day or when you depend on them and your whole life revolves around them, I suggest you stop reading this right now because you couldn't be any more wrong.

A common fear people have is never finding someone to create a life with and as a result, we lower our standards. This is the wrong route to take. Focusing on sticking with someone we shouldn't force ourselves with, both the person you're with AND yourself become (for lack of a better phrase) a tool. They use you for their satisfaction. They don't care about how it makes you feel.

To the many people out there that are still single and haven't had a real relationship, I understand the frustration. The peer pressure gets to you and it causes you to feel like you need to ask out the next man or woman you see. The loneliness and everyone you know being in a relationship seem demoralizing but it really is for the best.

Continuing for falling for the wrong person and staying in a relationship is a big mistake that you learn the hard way and before you know it, you leave the wrong person while the right person has moved on from you. Relationships aren't something to take for granted just to say you're in one: it's something that takes years and lots of patience to find. You'll find yours soon, but for now, it's a blessing in disguise to stay single.