Wait For The Man Who Waited For You
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Wait For The Man Who Waited For You

He's worth it

Wait For The Man Who Waited For You

Everyone looks at love differently; we all have multiple ways of showing it, recognizing it, and understanding it. I have always felt like something was missing, I was always thirsting for more from the people I so much wanted to be the love of my life, I was settling, because they loved me, and that was all I needed, right? As much as it was awful, I am thankful for the most terrible relationship I have ever had in my life. After emotional and physical abuse, severe neglect to loyalty, and constantly trying to bring me down, I finally realized I in no way loved myself like I should have. The power I used to get out of that situation, was just the beginning of a whole new confidence I never thought I would find on my own.

Once I began to love me, and work on me, and use me to make me happy, I eventually stumbled upon someone who was doing the same. Someone who from day one showed me he loved me without saying a word, and like myself never knew the amount of love he would have for me. I did not look for him, I did not complain that he wasn't here yet. I fell in love with myself and by the grace of God he fell into my life at the weirdest/best time possible. He has waited for someone like me to come into his life for a long time, patiently, however. You see sometimes the best part about love is that it surprises you, it makes you think on your feet, and hits you like a freight train. I promised myself I would never settle again, instead of searching for love I would let it find me. I didn't think it would happen as soon as it did, but I have never been happier to have patiently waited for something this great.

Wait for the one who waited for you

Put this into your own context, it can mean plenty of things. Wait for the man who doesn't make you wait, who knows just as much as you do that your feelings are mutual. Wait for someone who is not afraid to admit you're the love of his life, who understands your past and sees you in his future.

Wait for the one who isn't ashamed to watch you fall, and be there to help you up

We are not all going to be perfect, ever. You are going to make mistakes, and frankly, the men out looking for a perfect in every way flawless woman, are simply little boys. He is going to mess up just as much as you, and the mutual encouragement you can both share will build your relationship so much.Wait for someone who loves you for exactly who you are, and is here to fight life with you.

Wait for the one who makes you laugh more than anyone

Lets be honest if he can't make you laugh there is just no way it will work. Wait for the one who understands that, someone who finds satisfaction in your smile.

But also for the one that wants to make you feel better

As women we can be emotional at any time, literally, it tends to creep up on us. Whether it is hormonal or we are truly upset, having someone who doesn't mind our emotional ups and downs is a huge plus. Wait for someone who puts up with you no matter what kind of day it may be.

Wait for the one who willingly gives you the last bite of food on his plate

Or who doesn't mind when you steal bites in between. Wait for the considerate one, the one who sees your favorite drink in the store so he buys it, or thinks of you buying groceries and surprises you with wine. Wait for the one who loves to wait for you

Wait for the one who is slow to anger, and quick to compromise

Arguments are somewhat healthy for a relationship, but only when reasonable. Wait for someone who apologizes when he is wrong just as much as you do, who does not get upset for petty reasons, and who is quick to compromise when necessary.

Wait for someone who keeps you safe

Wait for the one who won't let you go to the store at night alone, the one who tells you to drive safe, lock your doors, and call him if you need anything. Wait for that person who would do anything in the world to protect you and your life.

Wait for someone who does not mind showing you off

This can be defined in so many different ways; we all have multiple examples of how a guy has made our day showing us off. Whether it's an Instagram post, a random surprise, holding your hand, touching your waist, or even a private forehead kiss, being appreciated is done in so many ways, and he knows that.

Wait for the one who shares moments with you that no one else will

Kissing in the rain, singing in the car, dancing behind closed doors to no music...no matter what it is we all have those little things in a relationship that make both sides happy. Wait for someone who knows that, someone who loves making those kinds of memories and does not forget them even if they weren't his favorite.

Wait for the one who demands just as much attention as you...maybe more

We as women are at times needy, we demand all sorts of attention from our significant other and wait for the one who gives it to you. Also, wait for the one who wants it back, knowing that he cares just as much as you do is a wonderful feeling, and honestly, it is just as much fun giving it as getting it.

Wait for the one who holds you accountable

Whether he is your workout partner, Spanish tutor, or even if he makes sure you wake up for your 8 a.m. class on time, get you one that will. Wait for someone who wants you succeed just as much or more than you do, and in everything. Not for someone who wants to one-up you on everything.

Wait for someone who appreciates you

And he shows it, whether he means to or not. Wait for the man who is willing to go to the ends of the earth for you because that is how thankful he is to have you in his life. Wait for the one who is vulnerable with you, the one who does not know what he would do without you.

I could go on and on about the qualities to look for in a man, but I will leave the rest up to you. As a woman, I want to encourage you never to settle, do not let someone have your heart who does not deserve it. And if you do, because you will, remember that you are so much stronger than he will ever be, but only if you let yourself believe you are. Wait for someone who's smile you can't get out of your head so you just smile constantly, someone who loves you with all of his heart and couldn't express it to you enough. Everyone deserves their soulmate, that is what they were made for.

"get u a drew"



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