If You REALLY Want To Save The Turtles—Stash These 5 “VSCO Girl” Items In Your Bag
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If You REALLY Want To Save The Turtles—Stash These 5 “VSCO Girl” Items In Your Bag

The VSCO girls may have a point. And it's so easy to actually make a difference.

If You REALLY Want To Save The Turtles—Stash These 5 “VSCO Girl” Items In Your Bag

If you're on Instagram or TikTok nowadays, you've probably seen the VSCO girls meme about saving the turtles *sksk.*

Yes, it's funny, but they actually make a good point on a serious issue.

Literally, one piece of plastic has a 22% chance of killing a sea turtle if ingested. This is an insane statistic and shows that we need to do our part in keeping plastic out of the oceans.

That starts with substituting throwaway products with reusable ones.

Here are 5 you can keep in your bag.

1. A reusable knife, fork, and spoon set.


Price: $11.99

This is perfect for anyone who eats out semi-regularly. You can just toss this in your bag and avoid wasting any more plastic to-go ware that will be wasted.

Even if that plastic to-go ware is recyclable, having this reusable set in your bag will avoid those forks and knives from having to be processed, which is energy expenditure.

2. Metal straw w/ pouch.


Price: $3.99

There's a reason this set has been rated five stars by almost 1000 happy customers.

For literally the price of a latte, you can get four reusable metal straws, a pouch, and a cleaning device. These will help you steer clear of plastic straws for a long time, hopefully forever!

3. Reusable, compact grocery bag.


Price: $13.99 for 6

While I wish this was sold individually—because most people only need one or two, and this is a pack of 6, meaning the materials were used in excess—having one of these in your bag will save you on many occasions.

You can avoid the 10 cent bag fee, and can stop feeling guilty about forgetting grocery bags when you make that impromptu Target run.

4. Hydro flask or other reusable water bottle.


Price: $39.95

Listen, I love my Hydro Flask like it's my child. I've had them for over three years and have never looked back. They keep anything hot or cold for a long time, and you are saving many plastic bottles from the landfill and dumps into the ocean.

5. Ballpoint pens made out of recycled water bottles.


Price: $12.92 for twelve

These pens are made out of recycled water bottles, which means by buying them you are helping to keep new waste from the landfills and oceans. Not to mention they are only $12, which means each pen only costs $1. That's a great deal, with a big environmental payoff.

So the next time you see a *sksk* meme about those VSCO girls, maybe put one of these products in your Amazon cart.

The time to act is now!!

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