I don't know where to start on such a strange topic. VSCO girls, eBoys, and anyone that's in the "Alt" scene sounds like code for drugs or something of the sort to anyone that doesn't follow social media trends or is not a Gen-Z.

Maybe you're keeping up with Twitter and you've seen the video of what could be a 15-year-old or 18-year-old girl (it's so hard to tell nowadays) recording herself on Tik Tok, wearing an oversized t-shirt, holding a Hydroflask, and applying lip gloss feverishly. Oh, and she's got about five scrunchies on her wrist. When she appears on the screen, she's saying "sksksksks, and I oop and I oop," which to a medical professional may seem like a seizure of some kind.

This is what's known as a VSCO girl, which in all honesty, I still don't know what the hell that is. According to one reporter on NBC News, a VSCO girl is "the latest teen iteration of 'preppy' style with a casual beach-inspired flair." So, that's like wearing pookah shell necklaces and showing off awful halter top tan lines, right? Not the case with these girls. They care about a certain aesthetic, making sure all of their photos have filters and they're always drinking from their Hydroflasks and metal straws. They monopolize all things "basic," like their Birkenstocks (and even Crocs), Starbucks drinks, and they've taken over Tik Tok and Twitter with their obnoxious "and I oop and I oop."

And then there are the eBoys of the Tik Tok universe. Any time their pale faces cross my timeline, I cringe a little harder. Their aesthetic is reminiscent of the Tumblr-era, where pale boys were all the rage and their soft grunge outfits were accepted. Except these boys are different. eBoys can also be grouped with the Alt scene, a less hardcore version of the scene phase we all had in middle school and high school. eBoys have their hair parted down the middle, a dangly earring in one ear, and paint their nails and wear skater clothes, although the chances of them knowing how to skate are low.


It's hard to come at this with the mindset of, "it's just a phase" or a passing internet fad, but it's past the point of being able to brush it off. It's annoying. It's obnoxious. These eBoys and wannabe "Alt" kids are the same kids that bullied others in school for dressing as they do now. VSCO girls are overwhelmingly obnoxious and I can't begin to imagine how awful they must be under the influence of alcohol.

Yes, I sound like a hater. Yes, I am coming after these children who just want to be internet famous. But at some point, someone has to stop and ask what the f*ck is going on with this new generation?