The different things I learned from embassies
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My  Experience Visiting 4 Different Embassies

What I took away from some of my embassy visits

My  Experience Visiting 4 Different Embassies

I've always had a fascination with different countries so getting the opportunity to visit some Embassies was something I couldn't pass up.

1. Egypt

The first Embassy I visited was Egypt. They mainly spoke about the economic standing of Egypt and their efforts to make it a tourists' attraction to bring in more revenue for the country, but how there is such a negative view of Egypt as a country making it difficult to attract tourists there. Next, the ambassador expressed his interest in working with the United States and also about Egypts position in the Arab Maghreb and their plans for the union as a whole with the rest of the countries involved.

2. Pakistan

The next embassy visit I attended was the Pakistani embassy, again the hospitality was amiable. The Ambassador spoke briefly on the history of Pakistan and their relationship with India. This brought up the Kashmir conflict which is a dispute of land that has been taking place since both countries got their independence from Great Britain, India and Pakistan have fought wars over this region and also both Pakistan and India became nuclear powers in 1998.

The ambassador spoke about how it seems as though the United States is being bias and has been siding with India. He then expressed how this is not the best way to go about trying to get the countries to be peaceful towards each other.

Later on, he spoke about women's involvement in the government in Pakistan according to him women take up a majority of the parliament and also about the different programs across the country that are geared to help women succeed in the workforce. This is something the United States could learn from Pakistan in this area seeing that there are a lack of women in the government.

3. The DRC

The Diplomat for the Democratic Republic of Congo mainly spoke about Mobutu and how his leadership wasn't based on what the people were in need of or what the country needed he led the country in a way that would benefit Western countries instead of his own. He also spoke about what would make the Congo flourish economically which was how the country has an abundance of natural resources that would help the country prosper. This led to someone asking a question along the lines of "if the country is so rich, then why are the people so poor?" He answered by saying that all the business that goes on isn't accounted for and that corruption is alive and well.

The DRC has the resources to succeed as a country but corruption and colonialism has made this nearly impossible, I myself being Mali see that having resources isn't the only thing that'll help your country prosper its undoing the harmful acts done by colonizers and fighting the corruption that is there because of imperialism. So watching from the outside in it may seem as though there are no efforts to reverse these catastrophes it's just easier said than done.

4. Haiti

My final visit was the one of Haiti, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Haiti is the natural disasters that left the country ruined. Thankfully we had two people come and give us the political history and economic background of the country. The country was colonized by France and became one of their most successful colonies with the many resources that the slaves produced, the Haitian slaves revolted in 1791.

He also spoke about the education system in Haiti and how French and Creole are taught since the children first start school, but there have been efforts to change that by making the children only learn one language in the beginning and then learn the second language later on in their studies.

Next was the economics just like Egypt, Haiti wants to help their economy with tourism they believe that with tourism will come a lot more revenue. They also face the same the conflict in which people have negative associations with their country therefore not many want to travel to their country but one of the men speaking brought up how the country is a natural beauty with many beaches and a lot of historical locations.

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