Visit the ones who were by your side on the playground. Visit the girls who sat with you during lunch in middle school, no matter how frizzy your hair was or how awkward you were. Visit the best friends who held your hand through your very first heartbreak. Visit them as much as you can.

It's not easy when your best friends go to school hours away. And it's especially difficult when you don't have a convenient way of getting to them. Even if you do own a car or can catch a bus, it may seem as though it's never a good time. Perhaps you're swamped with exams, can't afford the gas money or don't want to miss out on the weekend events at your own school.

Whatever it may be, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that college is.

However, as close as you may be with your best friends from home, never stop showing them how much you love them. Never stop trying to make the effort to see them. Most likely, there will never be a perfect time to take a road trip or book a flight amidst all of your exams, meetings and work shifts. But try.

Recently, my roommate (who happens to be one of my best friends from home) and I took a trip to Pittsburgh for the weekend to visit one of our other childhood best friends. After attending Friday classes and work, I packed, purposefully left my laptop at my apartment and we hit the road. While I knew I'd have to catch up on a lot of schoolwork when I returned, I decided not to let that thought cloud the excitement of our weekend.

It's so refreshing to take a break from your own life and the monotony of everything. Sure you can FaceTime, Skype and Snapchat people, but there's something surreal about stepping into your best friend's very own home or apartment. There's something important about meeting her new best friends and roommates. Chances are, you'll be similar and get along so well.

Making the most of your education is important. Staying committed to your job or career is vital. Living your own life and making memories with new friends is wonderful. But showing your unconditional love and support for your forever friends beats everything, in my opinion.