6 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Still Carry Your V-Card In College
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6 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Still Carry Your V-Card In College

From seasoned expert to never been kissed, there is no reason to feel embarrassed!

6 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Still Carry Your V-Card In College

College campuses are unique places. You have thousands of young adults living together constantly. Naturally, there's bound to be relationships, love, and yes...sex! Sex can be a huge part of some college students' lives, but it's completely normal if it isn't! As someone who knows personally, here are six reasons why you shouldn't be embarrassed to be a virgin in college.

1. Not everyone is having sex.

While this might be hard to believe, you aren't the only one on your campus who isn't having sex. Even people who aren't virgins aren't consistently doing it! Past that, other people on campus are in the same exact boat as you.

I know sometimes it can feel isolating when you hear other people talking about it, but it's not as drastic as you think! More people are sitting at home on Friday eating popcorn and watching Netflix than you think.

2. Your time will come.

While it might sound cliche, YOUR TIME WILL COME. Life is a series of events handcrafted for you. While it may feel like the time has come and gone for everyone in the world except for you, I can assure you this isn't true. It will come, but until it does, don't sit around mourning the fact that it hasn't yet.

3. Sex comes with a ton of responsibilities.

From pregnancy to STDs, sex comes with a ton of very serious responsibilities. Before you start having sex, you should be sure that you're ready to take all of that on! Enjoy this carefree time in life where skipping a couple days of birth control won't send your life into sudden upheaval.

4. There is no rush.

Losing your virginity isn't a race to the finish line or a competition, and it certainly doesn't come with a gift at the end of the tunnel. In other words, there is no rush. Take life at your own pace, and enjoy it as it comes.

5. You should stay true to yourself.

While this isn't the case for everyone, sometimes it isn't a lack of opportunity. It could be that you're still a virgin for religious or moral reasons, and that is perfectly okay! While it's okay to change your mind, you shouldn't lose your virginity just because you feel like you're the only one not having sex. It's a personal decision, and you should wait until you're ready!

6. Sex doesn't define you!

Whether you've never had sex before, or if you're a seasoned expert, your sex life shouldn't define you. There are so many more interesting things about you than whether or not you've had sex.

Everyone has had different experiences and encountered different circumstances. Be confident in who you are, and remember you are more than the status of your v-card!

Overall, there is no reason to be embarrassed if you're still a virgin in college. I hope these six tips help you let go of your embarrassment and embrace your unique experience.

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