10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Breathe the Air On Newman's Fourth Floor Women's Bathroom
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Student Life

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Breathe the Air On Newman's Fourth Floor Women's Bathroom

Newman Library, get your shit together.

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Breathe the Air On Newman's Fourth Floor Women's Bathroom
Dana Joy Seigelstein

It's no lie that at this time of year people are going to be infiltrating the library for the social scene studying for finals. If you are even slightly a student at Virginia Tech, you know the 4th-floor bathrooms (mainly referring to the girls' bathroom) smells as though an animal a few people were brutally murdered and left in there. It has gotten to the point where I would recommend plugging your nose investing in a gas mask to do yourself some good when facing the bathroom. What are we supposed to do? Use the... ONE PERSON UNISEX bathroom? Christ!

To put it into perspective, here are some non-dramatized things I would rather do than face the stench of the 4th-floor women's bathroom in Newman Library.

1. Wait in line for a Turner salad at 1:20. Prime class changing time.

2. Get denied from Champs in front of all my friends and my mom

3. Try to find parking for my 12:00 class. In the parking garage.

4. Drive home on Sunday from New Jersey at the end of Thanksgiving break

5. Get set up for date party

6. Have 'freshman' yelled at me when I'm walking down Main Street at approximately 7 p.m. I am a junior and have zero class

7. Only eat DX sushi for the rest of my life

8. Spend a Friday night at BreakZone

9. Crave avocado only to see that ABP is out

10. Sit next to someone eating QDOBA on the third floor while they are simultaneously watching Netflix

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