VIRAL: 11 Signs You Went To High School Where You Went To High School
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VIRAL: 11 Signs You Went To High School Where You Went To High School

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VIRAL: 11 Signs You Went To High School Where You Went To High School
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This is the short intro where I reword the headline that tells you that this is a super fun list of signs that you went to whichever high school that you went to.

1. Applebee’s!

A bunch of people went to Applebee’s sometimes. Some nights you’d go to Applebee’s and recognize a least five people from your school!

2. Sports!

Everyone loved to go to the big sports game(s), cheer on the team, and start senseless fist fights with the rivals

3. Big Yellow School Bus

For at least the first couple years of school, you took the bus. You had to wait at a place in the cold with people you didn’t want to talk to at some ungodly hour and then the nice man with a foreign accent showed up incredibly late or not at all to pick you up and drive you to school. The wheels on the bus go round and round.

4. You’re horrified of sticking out and afraid of making decisions and skeptical of the true intents and effects of institutional learning facilities.

This one speaks for itself.

5. The popular kids had alcohol parties!

If you were popular, you got to drink alcohol at popular kid parties! If not, you were a loser! Ha!

6. Nikki had an abortion!

Everybody knows that one girl Nicole had an abortion.

7. Everyone joined together to mock the kid with a learning disability and severe social issues.

That kid always said weird things! Wasn’t it fun to throw things at them and turn their desk around?

8. You did drugs because they were cool.

In middle school drugs were weird, in college drugs are normal, but in high school? So cool.

9. You couldn’t wait for Friday!

You loved Fridays because after Friday you didn’t have to go to school for two whole days, and school is a god-awful and terrifying place where they force you to wake up before you could possibly function and then they make you stand and pledge allegiance to your country and say that you believe in god and then a bitter, hungover woman yells at you about the Louisiana Purchase and then gives up and puts a VHS on and they serve burnt, beige food and the rooms are either way too hot or way too cold and they don’t let you leave and Jessica won’t look at you anymore and you’re not sure why

10. Your first sexual experience was so bad you both could never look at each other again.

It started off so exciting, you were both a little buzzed and Denise’s parents' bedroom was open and oh god and then I don’t know I’m sorry I don’t want to do this I have to go.

11. Pizza Fridays!

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

You had pizza on Fridays.

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