With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas right around the corner, only one thing is standing in the way of homecooked meals, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus: Finals. There's no good way to put it, finals suck. Studying is beyond stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming and the tests itself are just as bad. However, because vine (rip) makes everything better, here are 18 vines that sum up what it's really like to get ready for finals.

1. When your professor says the exam is cumulative

2. When your morale is low so your friends try to give you any form of motivation to keep studying

3. When you decide to take a study break and you realize you need to keep studying because you can't rely on your other ~talents~ to get you through

4. When the study snacks are the only thing that matter

5. When you're trying to study but the table next to you in the library won't stop talking

6. When someone finally explains that really tricky concept to you and you're overwhelmed with emotion

7. When you start planning an imaginary vacation because the stress is too much

8. When you start to imagine the fight you're going to have with your professor if they put that question on the test

9. When you see a topic you've never covered on the exam review

10. When you think about how much you've studied and how much more you still have to study

11. When you stop focusing on your notes and start eavesdropping on that loud table in the library

12. When your friend makes a comment that your final won't even be that hard

13. When your GPA depends on this exam and your mom finds out

14. When the table next to you in the library is getting too rowdy

15. When your study group does a practice exam and you do ~great~

16. When you wake up the day of the test and you're clearly not exhausted from studying all night

17. When you walk by your friend's exam room the day of the test and offer some last minute motivation

18. When you give up and start looking at other life options