5 Halloween Costumes For Everyone Who Misses Vine
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5 Halloween Costumes For Everyone Who Misses Vine

You could dress up like everyone else, or you could go as a classic Vine and bring back the good memories that once were.

We The Unicorns

Vine! Seven seconds of comedy gold that you would spend hours a day scrolling through. Then, the unspeakable happened... Vine died! Nonetheless, it still lives on in our hearts.

You quote them. I quote them. We have our favorites and the ones that will never get old. Vine might be gone, but the quotes and videos are still embedded in our hearts and memories.

The best way to bring back those fond memories is to dress up for Halloween as a classic Vine. Here are my top five Vines you should dress up as.

1. "Road Work Ahead?"

Easily the most quoted Vine. No matter how many times I pass a Road Work Ahead sign, I will always quote this Vine.

This costume is simple to put together. All you need is two pieces of orange construction paper, black markers, tape, and two rulers. Cut the paper into two diamond shape pieces. Write the first half of the quote on one piece and the second half of the quote on the other. Tape the ruler to the back of the paper. Then, finish the costume off by wearing your favorite black baseball cap.

This costume can easily be a great couple's costume or friend costume. The possibilities are endless. Get creative!

Feeling the need to watch the Vine? Watch it here.

2. "I could've dropped my croissant!"

"Ahhh! Staaahhp" what you're doing and put together this easy Vine costume.

All you will need are plaid pajama pants, a white tee or tank top, and a plate with a croissant (real or plastic, the choice is yours) on it. Then all you need to do is continuously repeat this Vine all night, especially if someone tries to scare you.

Can't remember what he says? Watch it here.

3. "It's Wednesday, my dudes."

Some people dress up as Wednesday Addams; you can dress up as the "It's Wednesday, my dudes" guy.

It's super simple. Find a Spider-Man costume and some goggles, and BAM, you're done! It doesn't matter if Halloween isn't on a Wednesday this year; just embrace the Vine. Absolutely no one will get annoyed with this at all.

Want to relive this classic Vine? Watch it here.

4. "Coming back from the club."

This Vine may not have a quotable moment, but look like this and you're sure to have people know what you are.

What you'll need are purple lipstick and purple glitter eye make-up. Poorly put the make-up on your face, then you're ready for Halloween. If we're being honest, if you're going to the club on Halloween, you're most likely going to be coming home looking like this anyway, so why not be one step ahead of the game?

Watch this iconic Vine here.

5. "It's frickin' bats."

Last but not least, the BEST Vine to quote this time of year. If you're a Halloween enthusiast and a Vine lover, this is your motto.

For this costume, you will need a tri-fold poster board, print-outs of bats, and tape or glue. Tape or glue the paper bats to the poster board, then carry that around behind you all night.

This might not be the most practical or convenient costume, but it sure screams Halloween spirit!

Make sure you get the quote right by watching it here.

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