If Your Political Views Reflect How Shitty You Are, Then Yes- I'm Cutting You Out Of My Life

If Your Political Views Reflect How Shitty You Are, Then Yes- I'm Cutting You Out Of My Life

So tell me why you'd keep a friend that calls a certain type of people names or protests whole ass groups of people.


My favorite thing to hear is, "Political views shouldn't change relationships."

That's exactly what they do.

By no means am I obligated to keep a friend around that doesn't share similar beliefs or holds beliefs that make them seem like an asshole? I don't want to be friends with an asshole.

If your friend calls you names every day or belittles you, would you continue to have them as a friend? No. So tell me why you'd keep a friend that calls a certain type of people names or protests whole ass groups of people. There's literally no reason for it. If you want to protest anybody in the LGBTQIA community or an entire race of people, I want you as far away as possible, and in no way do I feel bad about that. Just get away from me.

Also, if a simple conversation can't be held without arguing over political issues, you're immature, and I don't want to talk to you. There would be so much less arguing if people just cut certain people off. It may suck, but being a shitty person sucks more. Also, in no way do I want to be friends with someone with political views that are absurd because people would assume that I held the same views. Nope. Also, I could never date someone with completely different views as me. What if their parents had their same views, and I went over there for dinner or the holidays, and it turned into a complete disaster? I'm not afraid to get loud or put someone in their place. Sorry, grandpa.

There are obviously going to be certain people you can't just get rid of, and I'm not saying that any difference in views is a reason to completely cut someone off, but some views are that extreme. Little political issues don't matter to me in regards to personal relationships, but there are just some that I can't ignore, and I shouldn't have to. I'm fine with extreme, but don't be surprised when my extreme is just cutting you off. I won't feel guilty, and I probably won't miss having you around.

If you vote for someone that hurts other people or groups, but still vote for them to keep it a "Red" or "Blue" state - cut off. Do your fucking research. Change is a good thing, and I definitely think certain people could benefit from it. Whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, you can still be a good person as long as you have good morals.

But wow do some of you have some jacked up morals and wrongfully mistake yourself as a good person. I'm sorry if you have no morals and are a jackass, but I think it would be better if we weren't friends. Talk to me when your views change, and send an apology to every group or person you offended when you were shitty. I'm all about forgiveness.

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

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