It's finals week or it will soon be finals week for most of us students out there, and from one procrastinator to another, I'm going to come out and say that when I'm studying I take way to long of breaks to avoid going back to work. Most of the time since I'm already on my computer, I will just spend my breaks on youtube clicking on any entertaining videos I see. Now if you're reading this, first off you're already procrastinating so don't deny it and second take a look at some of these nice fun entertaining series of videos that will give you a chance to catch your breath before getting back to work.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

This is a modern retelling of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" set in modern times, where Elizabeth Bennet is a Communications Major documenting current events in her life as she finishes up her senior year of college.

It's an amazing series that I keep finding myself rewatching because it's just so cutesy and well done. It's something that any Austen fan will love.

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Pinterest videos

This series really got me into checking out and seriously questioning the realness of most pinterest crafts we see online. In this series of videos, real life husband and wife Corinne and Rob test out all of the popular Pinterest crafts that we sometimes wonder if we should actually try out and let us know if they are actually worthy of making.

Warning: A some of their videos do contain swearing and blood from craft injuries.

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The making of the Hobbit documentary

If you're prepared to go in for some hardcore procrastination check out this little documentary of how they made the first Hobbit film. It's super interesting, to see how everything came together and you can really see the passion from the people who worked behind it. Also Orlando Bloom makes an appearance in it as Legolas the camera man!


I've mentioned this creator once before in my article on "How to Survive a Haunted House" , but I think she deserves another mention with her very impressive videos.

Be prepared to feel like you might have a chance at attaining some special fx makeup skills as you watch these awesome face/body paint videos done by a funny and all around nice artist, Lex.

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Cinema Sins

You know that person who loves to point out everything wrong with a movie, well imagine if that person made a channel. Now the basis of this channel is to say that no movie is without sin, but it's great to watch these videos when they are critiquing a film that you just weren't a fan of and it can get pretty hilarious when it spots that fault you noticed to a T.

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Warning: Some videos contain swearing.