What Video Game Reviews Do To Gamers

Lately, I've been feeling like there's been a lot of tension regarding game reviews in the gaming community. People have been up in arms stating that there's bias when reviewing a game based on what system the game is for. While I don't know if this statement is true or not, I do want people to be free to enjoy a game no matter what rating the game receives.

Why the hell can't people enjoy the games that they want to play?

I was in an AngryJoeShow live stream the other day watching some guy play the newly released game from EA, "Anthem." The whole entire chat and the player were dogging on the game. All I said was this game looks fun and I can't wait to play, and everybody fucking jumped on me saying I'm stupid, I'm supporting bad companies, I'm the problem, and so on.

Since when can't I have an opinion? When there are games like "Fallout 76" or "Sea of Thieves," which I felt so-so about, and I say that I liked the game, everyone looks at me like I stole someone's baby or drove my car through a puppy daycare center or something. Don't even get me started with the "you have a bad taste in games" response. As long as the game isn't a strategy game, I'm down to play it. I'm also a sucker for co-op multiplayer games, so maybe that's what draws me to those games.

It's 2019, and this console war crap is still going on. It's ridiculous.

I currently play Xbox and the Nintendo Switch only because those are the consoles I have access to. If I had a choice to play PS4, I would do it in a heartbeat. You don't think I want to play "Spider-Man" or "FFIV"? Xbox and Nintendo are already in progress with trying to end it, but the only one left to join is Sony. Companies like Hi-Rez Studios are encouraging Sony to give up the selfish act to improve the gaming experience for everyone. I honestly can't stand someone who refuses to play a console because they want to show their devotion to a company. I'm not saying you can't have a preference. I mainly play Xbox, but you don't see me going on rants on the PlayStation Twitter page saying Xbox is better PS4 suck my pee pee or whatever people say nowadays.

Overall, I just want to see the moment where reviews for a game don't reflect on whether someone should play the game or not, and I want to see people who at least have some concept or understanding review the game. None of this BS where I'm just going to shit on the game because everybody else is. People have the right to enjoy the game whether you or the reviewer believes it is good or trash. I know that I would play "Crackdown 3" or "Anthem" in a heartbeat when given the chance. Like I said, everything is just my own opinion.

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