Have You Ever Felt Victimized By Victoria 's Secret?

We have all been there, we have all spent way too much money there, and we all will go back at some point in time. Victoria's Secret. I can tell you now I only wear vs intimates, and no I'm not ashamed of it.

But lately, I have been let down by vs time after time. The worst thing is whenever you go in and find a pair of panties that you're so excited for, but when you get home and put them on the lace rips.

Another thing is that I'm about 5'3, so finding a pair of leggings that are a good fit is hard because they are all way too long or they fit weird. I finally found a pair of high-waisted leggings that I was so pumped to workout in, well I have had them about a month and sure enough, the mesh at the bottom is torn. Maybe it's just me being the high-maintenance girl that I am, but I can't wear them now.

Now let's talk about their sales. I am a working college student so yes I have money to go out and buy nice things, but let's face it their pricing is a little on the high side. So I look forward to their Christmas sales and their huge semi-annual sale-which is still going on by the way. I end up spending a lot of money, but you get a lot more out of the deal.

The absolute worst thing is when you go in and buy panties on their 5/$28 and then the next day you see an ad that they are now 7/$28. I could've gotten 2 more pairs!! Honestly timing is everything when it comes to the sales at vs. Now I will say that their perfume is the best and it is pricey, but it will last me forever and same goes for their lotion so if you're buying the smaller things it's totally worth it, but when it comes to your intimate clothing you can't be too picky.

With all of this being said, yes it's annoying and yes I still shop there.

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