Merry Christmas.
We’re all depressed.
Can I delete my family or?
I don’t like you, but
I love you more.
To the moon and back.
Feel joy.
Stop romanticizing.
Look forward.

Somewhere out there.

December 7, my professor told us to take from the world around us and make a poem. To look at papers, internet pop-ups, text messages, tweets (you get the gist) and pick ten phrases that intrigue us. Above are my phrases, and above is the poem I created.

Interesting right? All phrases I picked off of various social media sites, mostly Instagram captions. So what was the point? She wanted us to aware of what we bring to this world. The fact is, whether you realize it or not, every post, every raised hand comment, every Snapchat story, you’re contributing to society.You’re contributing to this world.

Now dependent on your post, that could be either amazing, or detrimental. Either way, it’s a downright terrifying thought. With just one post, one comment, one share, you’re shaping this world. Rejecting the trends, or giving into them. You’re deciding what our generation will tolerate and what it will not.

Hilary or Trump? Death penalty or mercy? Pro-life or pro-choice? Love or hate? Acceptance or judgment? These are the questions we face. These are the decisions we have to make before we share that “funny” video of a school fight, or the sweet young boy caught passing his classmate half of his PB&J sandwich at lunch. Think. Decide. Radiate. Our world is defined by us, let's make it a beautiful one.