12 Reasons Why Veronica Lodge Is My Spirit Animal
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12 Reasons Why Veronica Lodge Is My Spirit Animal

I'm Breakfast at Tiffany's but this place is so In Cold Blood.

12 Reasons Why Veronica Lodge Is My Spirit Animal

Riverdale's most complex Rivervixon, Veronica Lodge is probably my favorite human ever. I mean she's beautiful and a total B.A. and the perfect candidate for me in another life. Lemme tell you why...

1. She's a total BADASS.

There's no doubt that V is a force to be reckoned with. Between her god given looks and her attitude towards life, she is someone you would want by your side. The day after her and Chuck Clayton went to Pop's for a date, V found out that Chuck had given her a "Sticky Maple" (which is a Riverdale sign of slut-shaming), her and Betty took matters into their own hands. The pair took Chuck to a hot tub and seduced him into admitting that nothing happened between him and V. She totally kicked his ass!

One of the best Veronica Lodge quotes was her power sentence when Cheryl Blossom wouldn't let Betty on the cheerleading squad cause Betty was lacking "fire"

Veronica said:

"Eventually, there will be a reckoning. Or, maybe, that reckoning is now. And, maybe, that reckoning is me. Betty and I come as a matching set. You want one, you take us both. You wanted fire? Sorry, Cherylbombshell,* my specialty's ice."

Total B.A. right?

2. She's hot.


3. She's a really good friend to everyone.

Seriously, even though she is from NYC and raised having Breakfast at Tiffany's, she is so nice to her friends. As mean as Cheryl Bloosm has been, when Cheryl had no one to turn to, V ran to her side to support her. Goes to show, V's heartfelt support for Archie at the Variety Show when he ran off stage because of the stage freight, she volunteered to go up and sing with him. Proves we should all be a little more bold.

4. Her apologies are excessive.

During Cheryl Blossom's after dance party, the gang V, Archie and Betty were sucked into a game of '7 Minutes in Heaven' - which is kinda like spin the bottle but you go into a closet for 7 mins of making out. - The bottle landed on Archie and V. When Veronica refused to go into the closet with Archie, especially right after Betty confessed she had a crush on him, Cheryl volunteered. To try to save Betty's feelings, V and Archie ended up having one the most memorable forbidden love scenes KNOWN TO MAN when they kissed in the closet. To their dismay when they got out Betty was gone.

The next day at school to make it up to Betty, V got yellow flowers which are the color of friendship, she had cookies from NYC shipped for them to eat and got couple mani pedis.

5. She is a bitch.

Yes, she is a total bitch. But that's not a bad thing. If anyone tries messing with V, she will put you back into your place.

6. She has NO problems standing up for people she cares about

When Ethel was having trouble with Chuck and going through a few daddy issues, V was right there beside her edging her on to build herself into a stronger person. She even donated some of her old things to Ethal while her family was going through a hard time.

7. She stands up to society.

She's young and cute and a woman in the modern world, so naturally the world is repelling her. But V doesn't let that stop her in the slightest and that's what I admire.

8. Her mom is a headstrong working class problem solver.

Even though Harmione Lodge's husband is in jail and all their funds went with him, Hermione started working as a server at Pop's diner. From the diner she even started working at the construction site with Archies father, Fred Andrews. Yes, she did have her flaws as she started cleaning up her husband's dirty work but we have to admire her love for her husband through the worst.

9. She's popular.

She snaps her fingers and makes friends. Simple as that. Her personality draws people in and her, yet again, BOLD attitude makes them stay. Uhh, give me some of that.

10. Her nicknames are so unique which makes her stand out


11. Her outfits are so chic.

Despite her being gorgeous, her outfits are to die for!!!!! She kills the 'NYC rich girl moves to a small town' look. With her 24/7 pearls and her t-shirts, she is the perfect balance between approachable and dangerous.

12. She's stupid sexy.

She's so sexy when she wants to be but she doesn't gloat. She is conservative and has a lot of class, but we all can't help but have a small girl crush on the notorious Veronica Lodge.

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