In life, people will come and go. As you go through the motions, you'll begin to seed through and discover who's here for a long time and who's here for the good times. Although not everyone is in your life for the same reason or the same amount of time, that doesn't mean they all aren't important, because they are.

Growing up, I didn't have this mentality. I always assumed every person was there for the long-haul, that somehow I would get back what I gave. Time and time again I was left hurt or sad because I put my all into a friendship for it not to be reciprocated. But as I've gotten older and matured, I've come to realize that simply is not the case, that not everyone will give back what you put in. And since I've realized that, I have become a lot happier and feel more fulfilled with the friendships I do have because I cherish the ones who put in what I give and then some.

You see, every single person who enters your life does so for a reason. Maybe it's to teach you something. Or to help you grow as a person. Or maybe even just to have some laughs and make some memories. No matter what it is, recognize what each person is bringing to your life.

In the recent years, I have acknowledged where my friendships stand, recognized the people who are there for fun times, who I can have a laugh with, who without fail are simply fun to be around. And, more importantly, I've recognized that they might not be there for the hard times, for those moments when you're world feels like its crashing down when you just need that shoulder to cry on. This doesn't make them less important, but I have learned to take these friendships at face value.

I've discovered the friends who are in my life for more than just the laughs. These are the ones who don't just come around when they need something. They genuinely want to know what is going on in my life. They ask about my day, about my classes, my family. They want to know if I'm doing ok. They don't hide when the going gets tough. They get their hands dirty and jump in without question to be by my side and lift me back up.

These are the gems, the ones you don't give up easily, the ones you fight for. These are the friends you can be yourself with, can have those weird and random conversations with, the ones you can be honest with, whether it be good or bad, the ones who without question will be by your side for the rest of your life.

I fully acknowledge that not every friend I have in my life is going to be there forever. There are times when I wish some of them would be. But I'm not naive. I know certain relationships change, they become more surface level. And that is ok.

People change. Friendships change. We grow. Sometimes the people around you grow with you and sometimes they don't. That doesn't diminish their key role in your journey.

I am so grateful for every friendship I've had. The ones that faded out with time, the ones that may have ended badly, the ones that are simply there for the fun times, and, most importantly, the ones who will be with me for years to come.

Don't take relationships for granted, but also don't put too much energy on the ones that will not last.

It's all about quality, not quantity. Remember that and I guarantee you'll be much happier with your friendships.