With Valentine's Day right around the corner, the pressure to come up with plans grows with every premature commercial I see about chocolate or jewelry.

As a perpetually lazy and typically anxious person, the concept of long waits and crowded restaurants is not enticing. But the idea of a nice dinner with the guy I love is also tempting. A real Sophie's Choice if you ask me.

But the more I look up fancy restaurants the more I think about getting take-out, sitting around in sweats, throwing on Parks and Rec, and just enjoying time with me SO. Here are 11 thoughts I have when trying to make Valentine's day as a lazy, homebody.

1. Looking up ~fancy~ restaurant menus and gagging because everything is either raw, slimy, or simply not chicken fingers

2. Thinking about avoiding lines and the cost and how smart of you that is

3. Thinking about dealing with overworked waitresses/waiters

4. Knowing that if you go out to eat, you will probably have to eat like an adult and order a salad

5. Again, thinking of the CROWDS

6. But hey, at least if you go out you can get drunk, but also you can do that at home

7. Thinking you reealllly should just stay in together

8. Because you know what, we deserve it

9. And you already know how good the take out is

10. And you definitely will have a guaranteed great time

11. But, it is Valentine's day and you can get dressed up and have fun out on the town... yep you're going out, embrace the crowds and enjoy!