6 reasons why Miami is perfect for vacations
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6 Reasons Why You Should Pack And Go To Miami For Your Vacation

In Miami, you can go to the beach, have better prices if you go shopping and go to crazy parties, but you also can have more.

6 Reasons Why You Should Pack And Go To Miami For Your Vacation

Miami is one of the most famous cities in the world. There are thousands of movies and TV shows where the protagonists are in Miami living in a Paradise. The truth is Miami is not as paradisaical as you might think.

I have been in Miami as a tourist and as a resident. Living in Miami has many advantages and disadvantages, but it sounds cool. When you think of Miami, probably your mind is full of beaches, bath suits, Miami Vice, malls, crazy parties and older people. And it is partially correct. In Miami, you can go to the beach, have better prices if you go shopping and go to crazy parties, but you also can have more.

Also, I want to add that Miami is a small town. There is not too much to do in Miami, but this city gives you the chance to visit all South Florida where you can have almost everything there.

Here are my six reasons why you must choose Miami for your next vacation.

1. Food.


There is not traditional Miami food. However, Miami (South Florida) is a multicultural place. People from hundreds of countries chose to live in this part of the world and they carried with them their traditions. Maybe, you are thinking only in Latin American countries; yes, many Latinos live in Miami since decades ago, but in the last decade other cultures came to Miami.

Today, you can find all kind of Latino food, but you also can have Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, Hungarian, Arabic, Indian, Thai, etc, and American cuisine. The options and prices are countless. You can eat at $2 or $200. It is your option.

2. New cultural era.


Miami can look frivolous. But in the last decades, all of the cities of South Florida have tried to add more cultural events in their agendas. There are several fantastic museums, galleries, murals, theaters and parks.

Also, musical shows have an essential place in Miami's life. All of the world's tours of all of the artists go to South Florida. There are many small concerts and shows everywhere. You can spend each weekend going to an excellent musical show of any music.

In November, we enjoy the best of the world's literature. Miami Book Fair is the most significant book fair in the world where you can find authors from dozens of countries and they have events all year.

3. People.


As I said before, Miami is the home of many immigrants. So, no matter your language or your accent, people would be friendly with you. I can say the customer service is excellent is South Florida. It is a touristic place, and here the customer always is right. In Miami, you would feel at home because people treat you like family and will ask about your whole life and relatives' history.

4. Party.


I said that Miami is more than parties. My point here is there is all kind of parties. If you want to go to a Latino place you have hundreds, you like country music, rock, jazz, or only going to a Pub there are also options.

5. Weather.


In Miami, it is always summer. Some days are colder than you expect, but it is only a couple of days per year. If I have to complain about the weather it would be about the rain all the time. In summer it rains a lot and if you are here only for vacations, you should also check hurricane season.

But, do not get me wrong; the weather here is so lovely all the time.

6. Sports.


South Florida has many sports teams. Baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basket, tennis, cricket, anything you want to watch or play. Because I live in Miami, I had the opportunity of enjoying many outstanding teams and players I never thought I could see in person.

And if you think all my reasons are enough, you always can arrive in Miami and then visit the rest of Florida where the options of fun are countless.

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