Having a big, extended family is a blessing but sometimes a curse. Just on my mom's side of the family, I have six aunts, seven uncles, two grandparents and 15 cousins ranging from the age of 20 to 2. So that means when we go on vacation, there are 31 of us sharing a house. It is absolutely crazy at times but it is also the best week of the year, cramming everyone that I love into one house at the beach.

With this much going on, you are bound to have some thoughts, some you say out loud and others you keep to yourself. So if you have ever gone on vacation with a big family before, here are 30 thoughts you probably had throughout the day.

1. Why is everyone screaming??? It is only 8 a.m..

2. Where do these kids get this energy from?

3. For the amount of people that are up right now, you would think someone would be making breakfast. I guess I'm on my own.

4. Who needs three different types of milk, PLUS two cartons of almond milk?!

5. Maybe I'll make myself some eggs.

6. Oh wait, there are no more eggs left.

7. Maybe a smoothie?

8. Look at that, no yogurt OR fruit.

9. Didn't we go grocery shopping yesterday?! How is this possible.

10. I guess I'll have a nutella sandwich for breakfast again since we always seem to have nutella

Breakfast of CHAMPIONS.

11. Time to go to the beach!

12. Where is my towel? I left it by the pool.

13. Why is my cousin using my towel IN THE POOL?

14. I guess I am forced to take someone else's towel.

I hope they don't miss it!

15. It is so hot out I need to go into the ocean.

16. Why do my cousins hang on to me like I'm a flotation device?!?

17. I'm scared of the waves too, you know!!!

18. I am just going to read my book in peace now.

19. .... Or get forced into digging a hole in the sand so my cousins can pretend it is a pool.

20. Now I am sandy. This isn't what I wanted.

21. Time to go back into the ocean! Maybe I'll boogie board this time.

22. And there goes my boogie board, stolen by my cousin.

23. Time to go back to the house for some relaxing pool time!

24. *sees pool filled with little kids* Okay, maybe not!

25. Why is this pool filled with sand? Does no one wash themselves off before getting in the pool??

26. I need to jockey for position in line to get dinner... can't let the little kids eat ALL the mac and cheese.

27. Can the older kids sneak out for ice cream without the little kids knowing?

28. The answer is no.

29. How does everyone still have so much energy! I need to go to bed!

30. Can't wait to be woken up by my screaming cousins that I love so much!