Everyone wants to be rich. I mean, who wouldn't? Everyone wants the fancy cars, fancy houses, and fancy clothes. When I have asked some people about their majors/what they want to do with their life, a lot of people choose careers that make the most money but don't necessarily enjoy.

Everyone also wants to follow their passion. Some people don't even know what their passion is, and that's okay too. One of the biggest regrets that people have in life is not following what they're passionate about. Ever since I was little, along with my parents support and what they have told me, is that I will always, in the end, follow what I am passionate about, because I know that is where I am going to be the happiest.

My dad gave me this piece of advice once. He said: "Let the money find you, don't go looking for the money." I think about this a lot, and this can apply not only to money but opportunities that will lead you to the top.

Yeah, everyone wants to be rich, and nobody wants to be poor, but really, regardless of the money, I believe that you should just work at what you are good at, and people WILL notice. I'm also not saying that you should expect the world to serve to your talents either. You should work hard, do what you love, and be happy. Make an effort to get out there and be relentless.

So don't worry about how much money you will make. Just focus on what you are good at, work hard, and make sure that you are giving nothing less than your best. It may not happen tomorrow, and it may not happen next week, but the money will follow you, rather than you following the money. Now go kick some ass.