Using Graphic Design For Brand Identity

One of the most consistent qualities of great websites is that they use unique graphic design to capture attention and build brand identity. Today, there are so many different ways to reach a target market and between Google and Facebook alone, there are millions of users that you could be capitalizing on. However, before you begin marketing your business online, you need to establish an identity and a brand. Graphic design is about creating visual elements and a representation of your business. The graphics you create should encompass your core beliefs, your mission, and how you do business. In essence, it highlights the attributes that make your business worthy of paying attention to.

Illustrate, sell, or clearly represent an idea

Graphic design allows you to visually communicate an idea, illustrate a point, or sell your product or service in a compelling way. It's an opportunity to persuade the viewer into taking a visual interest in your message. Images allow you to convey emotion, stimulate a response, and represent your perspective and principles within seconds. Graphic design is a powerful way to convey your message because it's a much faster and more streamlined way to connect with your audience and improve your internet marketing strategy.

Create graphics based on an important image

The most common type of graphic design is image-based design. This is where you have an important image that conveys your message and you want to highlight that image and create a better experience for the user through it. Images like this can be a photograph, a graphically rendered image, a painting, or even a sketch. Images can be integrated into content relatively easily and they create a stronger brand identity for your business.

Design graphics based on type or text

Graphic design can also be centered around typography, which can be just as powerful as an image. You'll often see this in a business logo or even an advertisement where typography is the center of the design. You'll see fancy text and symbolic fonts that convey a message just as powerfully as an image can. Copywriting can be treated like a blank canvas for you to use text attributes like capital letters, sizing, indents, bolding, italics, underlining, spacing, drop shadow and all sorts of other enhancements to create a visual statement.

Graphic design based on both image and type

Another way to create compelling brand identity through graphic design is to design based on image and type. This combines pictures, graphics, paintings, sketches or other types of imagery with typography to create a visual statement that's both contextually and visually demanding of attention. You often see this with products or services that require more than just text or an image to convey their message.Being a lawyer is a great career choice. Unfortunately, you need to go to law school and take the LSAT. An excellent idea is to have a LSAT tutor to help out.


Your ability to build your brand and establish a position of authority with your audience is important to your identity. Applying these graphic design techniques with SEO can have a powerful marketing impact on both site ranking and traffic. Graphic design is a unique way to connect with your audience and visually capture attention. Well-designed graphics demand respect and they capture the focus of the viewer almost instantly.
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