50 Things You Need To Know Now
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Student Life

50 Things You Need To Know Now

A compilation of about 21 years worth of advice.

50 Things You Need To Know Now

As I am coming up on my 21st birthday, I have learned many valuable lessons. I’ll tell you that being a twenty-something is both confusing and amazing. Think about it: you’ll never be this young again. You’re really starting to come into your own, but you’re not yet juggling the responsibilities of a family, a full-time job and the pressure to be a stable adult. We are in this blissful state of turmoil in which we are supposed to find ourselves. Social life, self-care, school and love are all really tough waters to navigate. If you find yourself overwhelmed by all that life is throwing at you then take a deep breath and remember these things…

1. Surround yourself with people who make you feel invincible.

2. Find some faith and keep it.

3. Skipping that meal won’t make you look better in your jeans.

4. Get a hobby outside of that guy you’re obsessed with.

5. Putting ice in your milk is disgusting.

6. If you make a mistake, fix it and move on.

7. You’re in the trial and error part of life. Mess up now but learn from it so you don’t mess up when it counts.

8. There’s a Sam Smith song for every type of heartbreak.

9. Young love is both agony and ecstasy.

10. There’s nothing you can do to change his mind so pick your head up and move on.

11. Don’t apologize for the actions of others.

12. God is greater than your problems.

13. Your value is not the number on the scale or the number in your bank account.

14. “Talking” is like relationship purgatory. You haven’t quite reached Heaven and it feels an awful lot like Hell. Grow up and just define the relationship already!

15. The things that make you happy aren’t insignificant and dumb.

16. You are someone’s everything.

17. Be kind.

18. Indifference is freedom but be cautious of the loneliness it can bring.

19. Why order 10 wings when you can order 20?

20. Be unforgettable.

21. The only thing better than going to a country music concert is not going to a country music concert.

22. Good intentions are nothing without good execution.

23. There really isn’t an explanation for everything.

24. Life is full of missed opportunities.

25. Don’t trust anyone who works out in Victoria’s Secret Gear.

26. Pro tip: only date him if he loves his momma.

27. If it makes you uncomfortable, you should definitely try it (within reason).

28. If you can’t go a day without thinking about something, fight for it.

29. If you don’t know it by the night before the exam you’re not gonna know it so put down the book and go to bed.

30. Find at least one book that makes you feel something.

31. No accomplishment is too small to be proud of.

32. There’s a time to fight and a time to let go, learn the difference.

33. Don’t try to apply logic to matters of the heart.

34. The hardest lesson is learning that someone doesn’t have the same heart as you.

35. Spring for a pedicure because you’re worth it.

36. Shut up and eat the dang ice cream.

37. No one is going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself first.

38. Dance even when you don’t want to.

39. Strive for excellence over perfection because excellence can always be improved.

40. Tinder isn’t always a bad idea, just usually.

41. Persistence makes you successful.

42. Call home.

43. Live on the edge, order the seafood salad sandwich at Subway.

44. It’s good to shut up sometimes.

45. Someday you’ll laugh about that thing that’s making you so stressed out right now.

46. Dogs will understand when people don’t.

47. When in doubt, athleisure is the thing to wear.

48. If someone hurts you and they can go a week without making amends, move on. You don’t need them.

49. Sleep is for the weak, dreams are for the bold.

50. If you and your ex aren’t cool enough to get pizza together then you suck at break ups because pizza unites humans.

Take my advice, or not. Good luck with your endeavors, kids!

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