I moved into my first apartment earlier this month with my boyfriend and while it's incredibly great, every good thing has its bad side.

Upside: it's so amazing to be able to have a space that's completely my own—okay, well it's his too but that's not the point. I'm able to decorate however I want and I get time to myself whenever I need it.

Downside: Since it's my own space I have to pay for that space, and I'm so glad that I have my boyfriend because there is no way I would be able to pay for it all on my own. Rent, electric, food, and our beloved internet, together they cost more money that I make in a month.

Upside: I don't have to wear pants anymore and it's seriously the best thing. I thought people were exaggerating when they joked about how no pants are the best pants, I now know they weren't. It truly is great.

Downside: It's totally my responsibility to clean those pants that I sometimes have to wear and then buy new ones when I need them. Not to mention, I have to find the time and energy to do that laundry. Plus I'm going through more laundry soap than I was in college which sucks. Twice the clothes, twice the work.

Upside: My boyfriend pretty much let me pick out all of our furniture and then just let him pick from those which one he liked the most. So it's all furniture I like and I can move it wherever I want, whenever I want.

Downside: Since it is the first apartment for both us, we didn't really have any furniture going into this which means we've spent close to a thousand on what we have. Then we have to bring everything up to our second floor apartment and then put it together. None of which was really fun.

Upside: Both my parents and friends were nice enough to give gifts to help make the apartment a little more homey. It was really cute and thoughtful, and very much so appreciated.

Downside: As someone who gets lonely easily, I spend a lot of time watching Netflix so that I don't feel so alone.

Upside: I can have cereal for dinner or leftover pasta for breakfast. I get to make these decisions with only my boyfriend to second guess me, and even then it's just a weird look. Plus, with only two people living here I'm able to always keep fruit in the fridge and healthy snacks that make me feel good about my overindulging.

Downside: I really love food, but food costs money and that sucks. The worst part though, working and then coming home and having to make your dinner rather than it just being in the fridge for you.

So thank you to my boyfriend and parents, especially my parents, that made this possible. Without you guys I wouldn't have what I do have. My parents have given me so much and I really wouldn't have this apartment without them.