Try to Uplift and Compliment Not Tear Down and Belittle

Let's Uplift And Compliment Rather Than Tear Down And Belittle

The world will be a better place if you choose to uplift rather than tear down.

In society, it seems as though people are quick to judge and demolish a person with their words rather than spread positivity and lift someone else up, so I wanted to encourage you today to make a change.

There's a lot of negativity in this world, but that doesn't mean you have to be negative too.

For every good thing you see about a person online, why are there a hundred other hate accounts to try and bring that person down for no good reason at all?

We have become a society so money hungry and quick to seek attention that often times we will do anything to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, even if that means tearing someone else down during the process. In some way,s I feel like it's human nature to always want more, especially in America, but wanting 'more' doesn't have to equate to being mean or rude to someone else.

Try to choose happiness and positivity over jealousy and/or sadness. There is room for all of us at the top, so there's no reason for us to try and claw at one another and tear each other down to reach success and happiness. In fact, in my experiences, it's easier to accomplish goals when you have a solid group of people around you cheering you on and supporting you on your journey, so why not be that for someone else? Why not be encouraging to one another, helping get someone else to the next step in their life so that they can ultimately reach their goals too? Being kind and compassionate will always benefit more than just yourself.

So, trust me, the world will be a better place if you choose to uplift rather than tear down.

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