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An Update On My Life: Hotel Bars, Chipotles, And Awkward Flirting

If you haven't figured out by now, with the amount of traveling that I do, I pretty much live in a hotel or in a plane - maybe giving a slight edge to the hotel.

I wish flight delays weren't such a hassle, but hell what can you do? In a job like you mine, you anxiously wait to get on that plane you are hoping will take off on time for, but there really isn't a guarantee. It proves that life really isn't fair, and people just have to get over it. It's officially been three months in the new job, and the motto of life being unfair is still proving true, no matter how much I deny it.

If you haven't figured out by now, with the amount of traveling that I do, I pretty much live in a hotel or in a plane - maybe giving a slight edge to the hotel. For some odd reason, every hotel has had a bar in it or incredibly close by it, and I decide to step inside and just check out and see what its like. The weird part is the hotel bars have a trend of having the same sort of people. You have a guy or girl that is local to the area using the hotel bar to get away from whatever the hell it is. You have the young guys in the hotel staying for only a couple of days trying to flirt with any or all they can in the establishment. Also, you have the older folks, the ones that use the bar as a place to talk to the bartender about anything, and this is usually the most common.

Being a person that can't drink, I usually just use the bar as a way to get away from it all, no productivity, no intentions to get belligerent, just a place to get away from it all, and it's either by watching TV and or just talking to the bartender about life, it's nice to have something to keep you company.

Speaking of company, the more traveling I do, the more I realize the number of Chipotles that are opening up around the United States is becoming abundant. It doesn't matter what location I am in. If I am in need of food, Chipotle is always there. This place has become a traveler's answer to food struggles. If you're wanting something that is not really fast food but is just healthy enough to not hate yourself later, Chipotle is the definitive answer. Although yes, Chipotle isn't the greatest, just something about it really just hits the spot when you eat there.

The beauty of these blogs is that it doesn't have to follow a specific narrative. And if you're down this far, you already saw the third headline - awkward flirting. The crazy part is it's not the awkward flirting by me, it's been more of the female population I have been running into all around the places I have been visiting at work. Moms, college students, doesn't matter, it's apparent they are flirting with me, and I just hesitate to respond because honestly, I have a pretty good idea it is not gonna go anywhere. The awkwardness is that I know a lot of these women are attractive, but I don't do anything about it because I just don't see the point.

It's only when I get home to Orlando is that I realized that I am actually growing up. I somehow became more confident socially around the people I know and people I am meeting thanks to all the traveling. The stories they hear of me, which I don't even think are that interesting, fascinates a bunch of people, and I just go along with it. Although my social life is struggling, at the same time it's evolving, because I am evolving, too. Could I have figured out the solution to all my problems? Who knows at this point...

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