The Unwritten Rules Of Thanksgiving Dinner

The Unwritten Rules Of Thanksgiving Dinner

A few quick tips to make sure Thanksgiving dinner goes as smoothly as possible

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Yay! Thanksgiving! That wonderful time during the semester where it's not quite winter break yet, but you know you're getting close. Thanksgiving break is a time to relax with friends and sit down to dinner with your family. Here are some of my favorite "unwritten rules" for Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Politics are off limits - especially during an election year

Let’s be honest: no one really wants to argue political viewpoints when there’s a huge meal just chillin’ on the table. Thanksgiving dinner is the time to embrace the important things. So pass the mashed potatoes and leave all that political talk at the door. And if it’s an election year, don’t even think about bringing it up. Unless, of course, you've got some choice Joe Biden memes to share.

2. Don’t ask questions about my nonexistent love life

“Are you seeing anyone special?”

“Any lucky fella in your life?”

“Have you found yourself a nice boy?”

Guys. My school just went fully coed. Do you really think there are tons of guys my age just wandering about campus? And even if there are (which there aren’t), do you really think my main focus in college right now is meeting guys?

3. Please avoid the infamous “How are classes going?”

Classes are fine, but this is Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving break means cherishing the few days I’m given and not thinking about school. Just have those mashed potatoes make their way back over to me and let’s move on.

4. Also try to avoid "What career are you hoping to get with your degree?"

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the classes rule. If I don't want to talk about things happening during my college years, I definitely don't want to think about what'll happen after college. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

There you have it, folks. Four simple unwritten rules that (most) people have already accepted as official. If everyone keeps these in mind as they chow down on turkey, then dinner will go as smoothly as possible. Pass the gravy?

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