10 Unusual Ways To Get Into The Halloween Spirit
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Move Over Haunted Trails, Here Are 10 Unusual Ways To Get Into The Halloween Spirit

"I think the 'Monster Mash' on repeat is the perfect soundtrack for the month of October."


October is finally upon us, and even though school might have let that slip away from you, the fact of the matter is that Halloween is literally right around the corner. I know, I know, it's hard to believe, but if you're looking something to do to really get you into that festive, spooky spirit (and something that isn't too overdone), then look no further than these 10 ways to bring some unusual spice up into your Halloween.

1. Smash some pumpkins.


Last year, a club on campus set up a booth where you were given a mallet, a baby pumpkin and a chance to literally smash that pumpkin to pieces. Now, I don't really know what that might accomplish, but for some reason, it was super fun, and definitely a different way to spice up your Halloween.

2. Decorate Halloween-inspired cookies.


Cookie decorating and gingerbread men are usually left to Christmas, but who says you can't make your own skeleton gingerbread men, or maybe a few carved pumpkin-inspired cookies? I say, break out the cookie cutters, and the orange and white icing, and have some fun!

3. Have a quirky Halloween costume photo op with friends.


I'm not talking about buying that perfect costume, I'm talking about finding (or DIYing) that quirky costume that makes you laugh every time you think about it. Maybe it's a classic sheet-over-your-head ghost costume, or maybe it's something you could only find with a little Pinterest searching, but either way, dressing up and taking pictures with some of your best friends in some of the coolest costumes known to man is a surefire way to get into the Halloween spirit.

4. Have a Halloween-themed girls night.


Get a few spooky, seasonal face masks, some orange and black nail polish, and your favorite pair of black cat pajamas. Pop in a classic Halloween movie, grab some candy and popcorn, and you've got a great girls night.

5. Listen to spooky music.


Throw on your favorite throwback Halloween jams and get ready to be instantly energized and ready to do some work. I think the "Monster Mash" on repeat is the perfect soundtrack for the month of October.

6. Decorate, decorate, decorate. 


I'm not talking about your usual decorating. I'm talking about some over-the-top, lights, skeletons, pumpkins, and candy everywhere sort of decorating. Go big or go home, am I right?

7. Have a Halloween-inspired picnic.


This sort of ties back in with the cookie-making thing (which you can totally bring as dessert), but what crazier way to celebrate this spooky holiday than with a spooky treat-inspired lunch. Back to searching on Pinterest, there are about a million ways you can turn normal food into Halloween themed food, which sounds pretty fun to me.

8. Have an ugly sweater party, Halloween edition.


Who says ugly sweater season only applies to Christmas (besides North Carolina weather)? This Halloween, grab some friends, and decorate your own ugly sweaters (or t-shirts if it's still too warm for sleeves) with some fake pumpkins, spiders,and anything else you can think of.

9. Go on a Halloween road trip.


Instead of your usual Haunted Trails, look up some other cool, spooky places in the area (or however far you're willing to drive) to visit this Halloween. Maybe it's a town festival, or something else altogether, but getting out of your comfort zone a little can definitely lead to some good times.

10. Do something that makes you happy.


The best way to enjoy Halloween, or any holiday or day for that matter, is to do things that you think are fun. Grab some friends, or some family, and have your own kind of fun, and that doesn't necessarily have to be the kind of fun that other people think is "cool." Make this Halloween special in your own, unique way.

This Halloween, do something fun, and something different! How will you spice up your Halloween?

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