8 Unromantically "Romantic" Things To Do For Your Significant Other
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8 Unromantically "Romantic" Things To Do For Your Significant Other

Get ready to gain some brownie points.

8 Unromantically "Romantic" Things To Do For Your Significant Other

Cook them a romantic dinner. Bring them flowers. Write them a love note. We’ve all heard these classic ways of how to be romantic with your significant other, but what about stepping outside the norm? I don’t mean some elaborate acts of love, but simple “unromantic” things that are actually pretty romantic. Here’s a list of things that pack more of a punch than you may realize. Get ready to make your significant other swoon.

1. Take Care of Their Car

Whether it is filling up the gas tank, scraping the snow off the windshield, or giving their car a good wash, there is just something so sweet about another person caring for your car for you. It’s something they use all the time and you tending to it in some way is a simple way to make their day a little easier.

2. Go See the Movie They're Dying to See

You know that movie your significant other has shown you the trailer to at least three times that just makes you want to fall asleep? Go see it. Trust me, they can tell when you don’t want to see it and it’ll mean even that much more if you willingly go with them. Better yet, offer to take them to that movie or surprise them with movie tickets.

3. Go Shopping With Them

Even if the mall is the last place you want to go, go with them. Sit in that chair outside the dressing room and get ready for the latest fashion show of, “does this look cute?” Want to be the best shopping sidekick ever? Offer to hold their clothes, pick out something you think looks nice, and give your honest opinion about things they show you. They’ll appreciate the effort and honesty and it’ll cut down the shopping time if you’re there to help.

4. Know How to Make/Order Their Drinks

What is the size they order at the coffee shop? How many cubes of sugar do they put in her tea? What is their go-to drink at the bar? Pay attention to these things. Being able to make someone something just the way they like it says a lot. It says you’re paying attention. It says that you care. It says that you’re trying your best to make them happy, even in small ways like bringing them their tall non-fat caramel mocha without whipped cream. Seem a bit confusing? Write it down. You’ll have your cheat sheet and a very happy significant other.

5. Make the Bed

Yes, I’m serious; it’s that easy. Taking the extra few minutes to make the bed in the morning is a surefire way to put a smile on your partner’s face.

6. Do a Chore Without Being Asked

See that the dishes are piling up? Wash them. See that the hamper is overflowing? Throw some laundry in. Sometimes we get so used to taking these things for granted when our partner does them, we lose sight of how much it may mean to them if we simply do them ourselves. So take five minutes and change that light bulb. Its small, but they’ll notice and appreciate it.

7. Become Friends with Their Family

The way to your significant other's heart can definitely be found through forging good relationships with their family. Take their mom out to lunch. Go play a round of golf with their dad. Going out of your way to build a healthy relationship with their family will certainly get you an “A for effort” in your relationship.

8. Give Them Space

Not sound like the most romantic thing? It can be! Understanding your significant other and their need for space is important. You don’t want to smother them with your love 24/7, so if they need some space give it to them. Respecting one another’s time, whether it is alone or with other people in their lives, is often an overlooked element that leads to a happy, healthy relationship.

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