20 Unpopular Opinions From The Mind Of One Millennial
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Pretzels Are Meant To Be Dipped In Ranch, And 19 Other Hot Takes You Won't Like, But Need To Hear

Here are my unpopular opinions of the day... hot takes if you will.

Madison Morgan
Madison Morgan

I am out here living my absolute best life, well at least trying to. In order to live your best life you must unapologetically be yourself even if it means having 20 plus quirks and odd things that make you, you. Unpopular opinions were trending on Twitter a few months ago, so forgive me for hopping on the train a little late. To switch it up, I will call these 20 unpopular opinions "hot takes". It's a term some of my friends use literally every single day when making a bold statement about something that may or may not fit into the norm. So without further adieu, enjoy!

1. Twitter night mode is a no go

I literally cannot see anything, and for that reason I stick to the classic white. Sorry bout it.

2. Birkenstocks are not comfortable, those boys HURT

If you think Birks are a comfortable piece of footwear, you are a pathological liar, or maybe my feet are just whack.

3. Coffee and caffeine suck, I will pass any day

Happy birthday to the gROOOOOunD!!!! (If you know, you know). Coffee does not taste good to me, and caffeine gives me terrible anxiety so both are a no from me.

4. YouTube videos are superior to any television show

This GIF is so me when I get my hands on some good content. YouTube is amazing because you can watch literally any and everything you want and it is right at your fingertips. Oh, and it's free.

5. Football is the most boring sport to exist

Football is too slow paced for me. I am a basketball girl for sure, but football is a sport I do not have the patience for.

6. Hanging out with a large group of girls for an extended period of time is not my idea of "fun"

Spending hours upon hours with a ton of girls overwhelms me and I am not about it. I'd rather spend time with a few friends, by myself, or around guys. Male energy is naturally more laid back and low maintenance, which I am all about.

7. Orange Gatorade is the best

Delicious. Plain and simple.

8. I have no desire to go to NYC

I think NYC is overhyped and I have zero desire to visit the capital of tourism. Large crowds are no fun, and so are people who want to be like everyone else, and NYC tourists give me that vibe. So I'll pass.

9. I love the cold more than life, summer is the worst season

I am a cold weather junkie, catch me in my natural element. Another plus is you will rarely find me in a bad mood during the winter months, so if you're down for a super happy Madison, be my best friend when it gets chilly!

10. Sushi and seafood are no bueno

I'm sorry, but the thought of a raw sea creature in my mouth freaks me out to the max. As for seafood, that stuff stinks so bad, I do not need that inside my stomach.

11. Pretzels dipped in ranch are fire

Don't knock it till you try it!

12. Pickled okra is superior to the mundane dill pickle

I'm sorry, this one is probably straight up nasty but I'm a fan.

13. Reading and writing ROCKS

These are two of my favorite hobbies, and yes I am a huge nerd.

14. Spring water is nasty, vapor distilled, or purified is where it's at!

Spring water is scary. Take your happy self to the grocery store, grab yourself a nice bottle of vapor distilled water and get back to me. You're welcome in advance.

15. I don't get super excited when a dog comes up to me

I only like a few of my friends' puppy pals, and other than that I don't want a random mildly cute to ugly dog licking my leg, jumping on me, and digging its nails into my skin because it's "excited."

16. Working out is super fun

Believe it or not, working out can be very enjoyable! My favorite exercises involve lateral bands and TRX. Both very fun in my opinion.

17. The beach low key sucks

Sand in all your crevices, sticky sunscreen mixed with grimy ocean water, and the beating sun..... miss me with that.

18. Taking time out of my day to do my hair and makeup is disappointing

To be honest, I'm just a lazy girl who is trying to do the damn thing and not waste a second of my time on my outer appearance because quite frankly, I do not care. I'm cute with and without makeup.

19. Wet swiffering is a top 5 hobby

I actually love cleaning and my guilty pleasure freshman year of college was wet swiffering the floors of my dorm. Stressed?
Wet Swiffer. Bored? Wet Swiffer.

20. Sleeping on top of your comforter is a power move, I don't like sheets

I have no idea when or why this became a thing, but I cannot tell you the last time I slept beneath a duvet. I just wash the top layer and my pillowcases, sheets untouched. Weird? Yep, cya later.

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