Unpopular Opinion: Why I Am 100% On Team Taylor

I’m sure by now you know that Taylor Swift and the Kardashians/Kanye West have a bit of bad blood (ha ha get it) over Kanye’s new song “Famous.” We all thought the drama was over after the Grammys, but Kim K certainly was not over it. In what seems to be a publicity stunt to save her plummeting reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kimmy decided to release a tape of a phone call between Kanye and T. Swift in which Taylor “approves” the lyrics of Kanye’s song that mentions her. While many have flocked to support Kimye, I think the Kardashian/West actions are completely uncalled for and that T has every right to “play the victim card,” because she is, in fact, the victim.

First off, Kim taping and releasing the phone call is 100 percent illegal. You cannot tape and release a phone call without both parties’ permission, but I guess the laws don’t apply to everyone. The majority of Kim’s supporters seem to forget this minor detail in their crusade against Swift, but it seems to me that the fact that the most “incriminating” evidence against Swift was obtained and shared illegally tells a lot about the cast of characters we are dealing with.

It is clear in listening to the phone call that Taylor is not 100% comfortable with the lyrics, but doesn’t want things to spiral out of control, i.e. the current situation. So she tells him to “do what he thinks is best” and thanks him for giving her a heads up. Kanye only tells her about the “famous” part of the lyrics and the part about having sex, conveniently leaving out the derogatory word that he uses to refer to her. Taylor has said that her issue with the song was that he called her “that b*tch”, which is completely uncalled for. If T. Swiz had written a song where she refers to Kim as a B or an N, both terms of endearment according to Kanye, I have a hunch that there would be a Swift witch-hunt led by Kardashian, West, and crew. Taylor has every right to be upset with Kanye because, in typical Kardashian fashion, he was not completely honest with her. I would not want a song to mention me using such foul and obscene language, but call me old fashioned.

A phrase I continually see from Camp Kanye is that Taylor has “sought out” this drama and has wedged her way into “playing the victim.” T’s only response to the song was during her Grammy’s speech, where she said that “people would try to undercut your success or take credit for your fame.” What I think a lot of people are forgetting is that Taylor had only heard the song moments before, where she was referred to in a derogatory way and publically humiliated. Put yourself in her shoes for a minute. I’m sure we have all had a moment where we were humiliated in public. I most definitely have, and if one of those moments in my life had happened in front of the whole world at music’s biggest event of the year, I would have been emotional as well. Taylor has admitted that her response in her speech was very emotional, but rightly so. If she had said “he called me and I 100 percent support this” in response to hearing the song, it would be setting the example to millions of young fans that it is ok for a man to lie to you and publically humiliate you in order to advance his career.

So while Team Kimye gears up to “take down” Taylor, I want to take the time to thank Taylor for the example she is setting to young women. Thank you for showing us that it is not ok to let a man refer to you in such obscene terms and to stand up for yourself even though people will try and tear you down. Thank you for taking the high road and not sinking down to the level of the Kardashian family, who constantly look for ways to bolster their own fame without caring who they have to undercut in the process. Thank you for using this situation to show us how not to let haters and ill-wishers bring you or your spirit down. Because Taylor is a prime example of how a woman of 2016 should hold herself when faced with adversity, I am and will continue to be #TeamTaylor.

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