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Top 4 Incredible UIUC Events That You Have To See

Students now. Illini forever.

Memorial Stadium

As you're sitting in the Memorial Stadium waiting to see what activities are planned for you, the inside of your hands start sweating and you're a bit nervous because who wouldn't be as a freshman? You still smile though because you don't want others to see how much you're actually freaking out. For a split second you look around and finally understand that everyone is feeling the same way you do. You look down at the stadium and see a bunch of energy filled students wearing orange polos orchestrating all of this.

The Illinois chant song begins and you lock arms with the students around you. As you sing. "Hail to the Orange. Hail to the Blue. Hail Alma Mater, Ever so true. We love no other, So let our motto be Victory, Illinois, Varsity." At that moment you truly realize that you are being welcomed into your home away from home. You don't know it just yet but some of the people that you see will become some of your best friends.

Well now that I got your attention are you ready to see some of the great events that you can see while your time here? Great!

iHelp! You help! We all help!

Katniss volunteer

iHelp is such a great even because it is a campus-wide day full of service. It is held in the fall and it has the power to bring students together. Each year over a thousand students and organizations come together to assist agencies within the Champaign-Urbana area to show their token of gratitude.

Homecoming means tradition

David J. Pollak Photography & Cinematography

Let's get something straight right now, college homecoming isn't the same as high school homecoming. You don't have to show up in a dress or a suit to dance in the gym, but you could if you really wanted to do that. Illinois usually has different activities lined up for Homecoming week! They have Homecoming 5K, Spirit Day, Homecoming Block Party, Homecoming Pep Rally, and the Illini Comeback program. So many great activities to check out for sure!

I love Illinois today, tomorrow, and every week!

Illinois orange

I Love Illinois Week is a week long celebration to show how much we appreciate UIUC. The events that are held during that week foster so much school spirit and gives the students the opportunity to share their gratitude towards the campus, faculty, alumni, and donors.

Attention freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors - graduation will be here soon

David J. Pollak Photography & Cinematography

You know what they say, all good things have to come to a close. Gradfest is a fun way to celebrate with all your friends and family before closing up the chapter of your college career.

Illinois will always have a special place in my heart because it has and will keep molding me into the person I want to become for the future. These great events have become a tradition for this university.

I would like to recognize the Student Alumni Ambassadors because they are the ones who plan out these incredible events. They help embody the Illini spirit throughout all of campus. Remember that UIUC will always be your home because you are students now and Illini forever!

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