University of Arkansas Snow Days

If you've been a student at the University of Arkansas the past few years, you know the sad truth that we haven't had a snow day in the past three and a half years. There used to be multiple each year, but now they're just not happening, and quite frankly, it is about time we get one because I don't want to graduate without a day off of school to play in the snow. We would do almost anything to get a snow day, including these ten things.

1. Eat at Brough every meal for an entire semester


Brough may be rough but having no snow days is way rougher.

2. Get rid of the squirrels on campus


The U of A squirrels bring character to the campus, but if they gotta go then they gotta go.

3. Walk up the hill from Pomfret each day


That hill is brutal but honestly who wouldn't walk up it everyday to get one day to sled down it?

4. Have every football game at 11 AM


No one can stay awake during the morning games but it'd be worth it if we got a snow day out of them.

5. Watch the 2018 College World Series Finals on repeat


That one still hurts, but a snow day might make it hurt less.

6. Cancel meal trades


Meal trading is God's gift to the University of Arkansas. You know what else would be a gift from God? A snow day.

7. Never get their name on the sidewalk


Getting your name on the sidewalk is a University of Arkansas tradition. Snow days also used to be a tradition.

8. Always leave AT&T Stadium with a "L" 


We've never left with a win before so honestly not much would be lost here.

9. Keep all football games at War Memorial Stadium


That's a three hour drive I'd make nearly every Saturday if I got a snow day out of it.

10. Shut down Hammontrees


Hammontrees is the most delicious thing in Fayetteville, but its hard to enjoy knowing there hasn't been a snowday in a hot minute.,

So tell me, universe, which one of these will it be to get a snow day? All we want is one.

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