10 Things All Razorbacks Would Do To Get Just One Snow Day

10 Things All Razorbacks Would Do To Get Just One Snow Day

It's been 3 and a half long years.


If you've been a student at the University of Arkansas the past few years, you know the sad truth that we haven't had a snow day in the past three and a half years. There used to be multiple each year, but now they're just not happening, and quite frankly, it is about time we get one because I don't want to graduate without a day off of school to play in the snow. We would do almost anything to get a snow day, including these ten things.

1. Eat at Brough every meal for an entire semester


Brough may be rough but having no snow days is way rougher.

2. Get rid of the squirrels on campus


The U of A squirrels bring character to the campus, but if they gotta go then they gotta go.

3. Walk up the hill from Pomfret each day


That hill is brutal but honestly who wouldn't walk up it everyday to get one day to sled down it?

4. Have every football game at 11 AM


No one can stay awake during the morning games but it'd be worth it if we got a snow day out of them.

5. Watch the 2018 College World Series Finals on repeat


That one still hurts, but a snow day might make it hurt less.

6. Cancel meal trades


Meal trading is God's gift to the University of Arkansas. You know what else would be a gift from God? A snow day.

7. Never get their name on the sidewalk


Getting your name on the sidewalk is a University of Arkansas tradition. Snow days also used to be a tradition.

8. Always leave AT&T Stadium with a "L" 


We've never left with a win before so honestly not much would be lost here.

9. Keep all football games at War Memorial Stadium


That's a three hour drive I'd make nearly every Saturday if I got a snow day out of it.

10. Shut down Hammontrees


Hammontrees is the most delicious thing in Fayetteville, but its hard to enjoy knowing there hasn't been a snowday in a hot minute.,

So tell me, universe, which one of these will it be to get a snow day? All we want is one.

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20 Lessons You Learn When Living In A Dorm

I never know what to do when someone is in *my* shower stall.

As a child you grow up unable to wait for college. Unable to wait for the freedom. Living with your best friend sounds like a dream come true. But living in a 10x10 cinderblock room? Not so much. You don't truly know what it is like to live in a dorm until, well, you've actually lived in a dorm. Living in a dorm is a lot of fun, but it has its downsides:

1. Fear of someone taking “your shower"

2. The fight for a washer/dryer

3. Or when someone takes your wet clothes out of the washer and puts it on a table before you get to it

4. Locking your door because you never know when someone will randomly barge in

5. Its 2 a.m. and you're dying of thirst but your roommate didn't fill the Brita

6. You've become immune to the gross hallway smell

7. Cleaning services always clean the bathroom at the most inconvenient times

8. Having killer legs because the elevators are out of order every other day

9. Cinderblock is not soundproof, so you can hear everything your neighbors do

10. Learning to make the most of your small jail-cell of a room by adding pictures and string lights

11. When someone is in "your bathroom stall"

12. Forgetting you can't walk around barefoot because the floors are disgusting

13. Trying to be quiet when you're roommate is asleep (the worst)

14. Dining hall hours are AWFUL (and the food isn't great either)

15. Or when your roommate brings someone back to the room

16. Putting stuff in your fridge is like playing Tetris

17. Having an 8 a.m. class on Friday but the Thirsty Thursday crowd comes home wasted and screaming at 3 a.m.

18. When your package says it was delivered but housing didn't send the email saying you can go pick it up

19. You have no control over the heat so in the winter if you close the window it's too hot but if it's open you freeze

20. But despite it all, living in a dorm is a right of passage and a time you'll never forget and a place you'll never want to leave

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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I Can't Sing And Dance, But I Am SO Excited To Perform In Baylor Sing

Hopefully I don't actually break a leg!


If you should know anything about me, it's that I can't sing or dance to save my life. So when the opportunity to sing and dance in front of 2,000 people came my way, I was ready to say "heck to the no."

Baylor Sing is one of the most important and iconic traditions our university has to offer. For those of you don't know, Sing consists of organizations on Baylor's campus, such as fraternities and sororities, putting on seven-minute Broadway-style performances complete with singing, dancing, costumes, makeup, and lots of props.

When I first heard of Sing, I never thought I could do it myself.

Especially when I have not one dancing bone in my body. The Sing act itself is an intense 7-minute performance that I thought I would never be able to do. And when I was presented with the opportunity to join my organization's Sing act, I was ready to say no.

As a student with a 24/7 on-campus job, I thought I wouldn't be able to handle it.

But then I heard about all the amazing memories and friends people make while putting together their act for the entire Baylor community. They said you would meet people in your sorority that you would have never known or become best friends with before Sing. And then they told us about how rewarding it is to put on an act you have worked on for a long time and finally show it to an audience of more than 2,000 people. Even then, I was still nervous to commit to Sing.

But I did it anyway. And now I can't imagine my Baylor experience without it.

Sure, I almost twisted my ankle twice while dancing, lost my voice after a 3-hour rehearsal and complained to my parents over the phone about how Sing took a lot of time and energy from me, but it will be all worth it in a few short days.

I can only imagine what our first show night will be like, as the curtain draws open and the spotlights shine on our faces, ready to give a performance of a lifetime.

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