"The Universe of Us" Has The Most Relatable Quotes

"The Universe Of Us" Has The Most Relatable Quotes

"The Universe of Us" by Lang Leav features all the feelings and emotions about that special one that we aren't able to admit to ourselves.


Listed below are 11 of the most relatable quotes within the poetry book, "The Universe of Us," by Lang Leav. It points out the mistakes and the aftermath of a breakup.

I Loved Him

"I loved how his eyes danced merrily, and the gentle way he spoke; the way he filled my aimless days, with bitterness and hope. I loved him as I fell to sleep, and each morning as I woke; I loved him with all my wayward heart - until the day it broke." Lang Leav

To Know Him

"If you want to know his heart, pay close attention to what angers him. If you want to know his mind, listen for the words that linger in his silence. If you want to know his soul, look at where his eyes are when you catch him smiling." Lang Leav


"Today I am not in my skin. My body cannot contain me. I am spilling out and over, like a rogue wave on the shore. Today I can't keep myself from feeling like I don't have a friend in the world. And no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to pick myself up off the floor. My demons are lying in the wait, they are grinning in the shadows, their polished fangs glinting, knowing today, it will be an easy kill. But tomorrow, tomorrow could be different, and that is what keeps me going today." Lang Leav


"Do you know the feeling when you're so happy that you can't imagine ever being sad again? Or when you're so sad that you no longer believe you could ever be happy? When you tell me you love me, I always think of that strange emotion - that feeling of impossibility. You say you love me, and you can't imagine a future without me in it, yet all I can think of is how you must have felt the same way once about someone else." Lang Leav

The Longest Good-Bye

"The longest good-bye is always the hardest. Love for the sake of love is most painful of all protraction." Lang Leav


"We may not be in love anymore, but you're still the only one who knows me." Lang Leav

A Lesson

"There is a girl who smiles all the time, to show the world that she is fine. A boy who surrounds himself with friends, wishes that his life would end. For those that say they never knew - the saddest leaves the least of clues." Lang Leav

Anything Else

"I want to plant a seed in your mind, some tiny particle of thought that bears a remnant of me. So little by little, day by day, you find yourself thinking of me, until one morning, you will wake up and realize you can't think of anything else." Lang Leav


"The sad thing is, she said, the moment you start to miss someone, it means they're already gone." Lang Leav


"You've made your choice, and there's nothing I can do, she said. I don't think you want me in your life anymore, and I have to find a way to live with that. You said you would still be there for me, but I don't want to be a mere courtesy - a salve for your guilt. You won't hear from me again after today, and I don't want you to worry. I'll be okay. Because I have to be." Lang Leav


"I think maybe we were cursed or just plain unlucky. You had your ideas about love, and I had mine. And as much as we tried, we couldn't make it work. I don't think it was the lack of feeling or intention that broke us - it was one small misunderstanding after another. Isn't it strange how a minor disparity can grow into a ravine? In the end, it was enough to tear us apart." Lang Leav

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