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For The United Kingdom

I would like to extend some words of support to the people of the United Kingdom in the form of poetry.

For The United Kingdom
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After the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and now the recent fire in London, the United Kingdom has endured a difficult past couple of weeks. I, an American, would like to extend some words of support to the people of the United Kingdom in the form of poetry.

To this once vast empire

That expanded beyond sea to shining sea,

To this great nation that never lost its fire,

You are strong as you can possibly be.

In the face of tragedy,

You don’t choose to hide away.

You respond with dignity

And refuse to let hatred lead you astray.

In the face of danger,

You open up your homes

To complete strangers

To let them know they are not alone.

In the face of hatred,

You respond with love.

Yet, you are understated;

You rise above

And expect nothing in return.

From you, I have much to learn.

Please continue to be a light

To your country and to all on Earth.

Whether we align left or right,

We are humans, for what it’s worth.

Always choose love above all.

In the face of hatred, stand tall.

Thank you to the brave men and women who opened up not only their homes but also their hearts in the aftermath of these horrific attacks. Thank you to the courageous police forces and first responders for their courage during these tragedies. You have inspired this piece as well as me personally. To all those affected during these tragedies, I send my most sincere condolences and love. I still believe that there is so much goodness left in this world.

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