United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend the third annual Live Original© Tour. I've been fortunate to go to the events since the very first one.

Because of other opportunities, I have had the chance to get to know Sadie and the LO team more, and what a genuine group of Christian people they are!

Sadie is just as real on the stage as she is sitting around chatting over Chick-fil-a. I am honored to have met her and know her as my friend.

But her real passion is speaking and sharing the love of Christ with others!

The theme of this year's tour was "United We Stand. Divided We Fall."

I wish I could capture all of the powerful truths of the night into one article, but I will do my best to convey the key points of the evening!

Unity was important to Jesus.

We know this because Jesus' last prayer was that the church would have unity. In the garden, there was perfect unity. When we break connection with God, the enemy may be robbing you of things without you knowing it. He will try to rob you of your joy, your peace, your relationships, and anything that may bring glory to God! BUT because of Jesus, we can have hope for unity. He is our only hope for unity.

Comparison has got to go.

Comparison often leads to competition. Competition leads to division. Everything God created, He said was good.

This means from your elderly neighbor to the man in the prison cell, we are all God's creation.

We appreciate God's creation in nature. Why can't we appreciate each other? We don't walk around comparing ourselves to trees or try to manipulate our bodies so we look like the mountain on the front of a magazine.

We've got to fix our eyes to see creation as good.

Know who your real enemy is.

You may think your enemy is the person next to you, but that is not the case. Your enemy is the devil, and at the end of the day, you have the right to "decline the invitation of the enemy in the name of Jesus," as Sadie said.

The ultimate goal must be that God gets the glory.

If God doesn't get the glory, we are missing the point.

There will be haters, but you can choose to be a part of the love. There is always a choice. Nothing will save this world, but Jesus.

Differences are not an excuse to divide us. Because of Jesus Christ, we can be united with the Father. Because we are united with the Father, we can be united with one another.

You have a choice to make-to let division keep you in bondage or to be set free and unite with your brothers and sisters in Christ!

*Check out Nehemiah chapter 4 and 6 to get the backstory!

**This post is inspired by the messages by Sadie Robertson during the Live Original© Tour. Check out her website and find her on social media to learn more about being united in Christ while living as your original self!

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