Uniquely Named Colors

14 Uniquely Named Colors Foreign To All Your Senses

"Life is like a box of crayons." — John Mayer


Colors, colors and more colors. Where can you possibly start with colors? For many of us, it's part of our every waking moment and sometimes sleeping moments too. Color can quite literally brighten your mood, change your perspective on the way you see the world and in general, add quality to your life. It can affect your taste, hearing and sometimes even touch. A little burst of orange and red in the corner of your eye may brighten up your mood, while spending time in a serene freshly painted light blue room may calm your anxious nerves. It's only natural for some of them to have extremely unique names. Maybe just the fancy names of the color may get you to change your mind about your favorite color.

1. Coquelicot

The vibrant redish-orange color of the flowers.

2. Smaragdine

The sea-greenish color of the water.

3. Mikado

4. Glaucous

5. Fulvous

The brownish-yellow shade of the duck.

6. Eburnean

The pastel off-white shade of the dress.

7. Amaranth

The deep purple-ish red pigment of the plants.

8. Verditer

The popping bright blue that paints the feather of this bird.

9. Watchet

10. Zaffre

The deep-electric blue in the background of this design.

11. Pervenche

The soothing yet electric purple outlining the petals of the flower.

12. Drake's-neck

The shimmery almost holograpghic blue-green on the Mallard's neck.

14.  Razzmatazz

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