9 Unique Terrariums Even You Can DIY
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9 Unique Terrariums Even You Can DIY

For the plant obsessed.

9 Unique Terrariums Even You Can DIY

I love plants, and if you're anything like me, you've seen the insane inundation of terrarium Pinterest boards that have been circulating and popping up everywhere: closed terrariums, open terrariums, succulents, grasses, aquatic plants, etc. There are so many different ways to make these terrariums, so I've decided to break down the most basic ones while also throwing in a few more advanced and creative ones that anyone is more than capable of DIYing this summer.

1. Basic and Beautiful

Simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Even the simplest terrarium adds a whole new mood and vibrancy to any house, apartment or dorm room. Spruce it up and add a wide variety of plants.

2. The Fishbowl Effect

This type of terrarium is also very effective in its simplicity. Most of us had fish growing up, and even if we didn’t, fishbowls are easy enough to find at your local pet store. This type of terrarium container is especially good as a centerpiece, as it has a wide 360-degree look of the plants inside.

3. Turn A Little Light On

Something really interesting that has recently become popular is creating terrariums out of lightbulbs. While you’ll have to use smaller plants that thrive well in closed terrariums, this is definitely a unique and challenging terrarium that anyone can complete with a little tenacity.

4. For The Bad And Boozy

For those of us who are 21 and over, old wine or liquor bottles (once cleaned out) make great terrarium containers. Getting everything positioned correctly might be slightly more difficult, but it’s a great way to give new life to these bottles.

5. So Easy A Kid Could Do It

If you’re stuck babysitting over the summer or have younger siblings you would like to keep occupied, making terrariums are a fun and easy way to do just that. Plastic water bottles and other plastic containers are simple ways for kids to make their own plant enclosures.

6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling was a huge part of my community growing up, so recycling old bottles, old vases, and other used glass and plastic-ware, was an awesome way to upcycle the more basic terrariums.

7. Zen Garden Terrariums

A small twist on the usual terrarium that includes a more open container and a plethora of sand on the top layer of the earthy components of the terrarium. These types of terrariums are even more interactive as you can draw in the top layer of sand. Get creative and write positive messages to keep the positive plant vibes coming.

8. Water-arium

Instead of housing your friendly neighborhood goldfish, this type of terrarium holds beautiful water lilies or other aquatic plants. This variation on an aquarium is much less hard to accidentally fish-murder if you’re like me and have bad luck with aquatic pets. It’s a unique and elegant twist on the normal terrarium.

9. Something Completely Out There

Be completely innovative and use a container that no one would usually think of! Old watering cans, old instruments and other vintage items being an especially unique flare to the average terrarium.

The most important things are accommodating the plants you utilize and being as creative with your terrariums as possible. Happy planting!

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