These Are The Most Underrated Netflix Series To Binge Watch Instead Of 'The Office'

These Are The Most Underrated Netflix Series To Binge Watch Instead Of 'The Office'

Unique series to watch if you prefer unconventional dynamics.

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Binge-watching shows within a prolonged sitting has become very popular within the community of Netflix viewers. Although Netflix's most popular shows have proven interesting enough to break viewer records, there are many series that have yet to be as popularized.

If you are looking for a show on Netflix that you have not heard of or if you simply want to binge-watch a unique series, consider these shows.

1. 'The OA' (season one)

'The OA' is a show that revolves around the experience of Prairie Johnson, a woman who was held captive and tested on due to her first-hand knowledge concerning life after death. The first season revolves around her memories surrounding her captivity that lasted several years alongside individuals who, like her, could be killed and revived. The show's first season ends on an intellectual cliffhanger in which you can determine yourself what you make of Johnson's experience. If you are looking for a show to finish in one long sitting that will make you contemplate all of the knowledge you just absorbed, then sit back and watch 'The OA.'

2. 'Shameless'

'Shameless' is a series that revolves around a large dysfunctional family, taking place at a South Side neighborhood within Chicago. This show encapsulates the struggle of six siblings, with a drunk of a dad, who fight to stay united while trying to overcome many obstacles and emotions over the course of eight seasons. The dynamic of the show heavily focuses on the Gallagher family and their ever-changing struggles. If you like watching shows that incorporate multiple plots and sentiments, consider watching characters grow up throughout the eight seasons of 'Shameless.'

3. 'Lunatics'

This show is not for the cynical minded due to its comedic mockery of six different characters played by the same actor. Within the ten episodes of the show, each character is expanded upon through skits in which their plot slowly rises to a climax. The show's dynamic builds upon characters who stray from normalities, which leaves the audience more accepting of the "lunatic" side of these characters and ultimately themselves by the end of the tenth and final episode.

4. 'Sense 8'

'Sense 8' follows eight characters that are spread across the globe who have an intense mental and telepathic connection. The show unravels the mystery of their intense relation as they fight together against an organization who wishes to end their kind. This fictional series inspires deep thought through realistic emotion and fight within each of the eight characters. If you enjoy action-packed series that test the bounds of nature and reality, this two-season show will leave your mind blown.

5. 'Queen Of The South'

This series revolves around Teresa Mendoza, who moves to Dallas after her drug-dealing lover gets murdered in Mexico. Mendoza's fight to stay alive and flee from drug lords while creating a powerful drug empire is not only exhilarating but tear-jerking. If you like Narcos or thrilling drug-lord shows, 'Queen Of The South' offers a woman's perspective concerning the struggle and loss within the illegal world of drugs. There are currently three seasons of 'Queen Of The South' on Netflix and viewers can expect a fourth season to premiere very soon.

The dynamic of these five shows set themselves apart from any other series and are worth considering if you are looking to binge watch an unconventional story.

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