The Most Unfortunate Things About Living Without AC

For the first time in my life, I'm about to live through a midwestern summer (think lots of humidity) without air conditioning. I know many people never have AC, but since I'm so used to it, I can already tell that the summer is going to be a struggle. Here are some of the things I've already noticed that kind of suck about living without air conditioning:


It's already happened to me a million times this spring, and I know that it will only get worse as the days get hotter - I'll be peacefully sleeping until about 4 am when I wake up SO HOT. Of course, when it's that warm in my room, it's impossible to get back to sleep, so I'm essentially going to spend the entire summer sleep-deprived.

Needing to shower a million times a day due to sweat

So many showers, so little time. I usually shower at night, but with this heat, I always wake up sweaty and in need of another shower. And don't even get me started on the times I try to do something like clean the apartment and end up too hot to function. Showers, showers everywhere!

Needing to take cold showers just to cool off

I'm a huge fan of a hot shower, but all this summer heat has made that nearly impossible. If I'm happy for fall to come in a few months, it will be because I'm ready to take hot showers again.

Going straight from being wet to sweaty after a shower

A lot of these issues seem to involve showering, but it's because they're a cycle! I get sweaty, so I have to take a shower. I'm hot when I get in, so I have to take a cold one. I get out of the shower, but then the humidity combined with my heavy, wet hair just get me sweaty all over again! Ugh.

Not having the energy to do anything

This is the worst when I'm trying to do something productive like clean the apartment or motivate myself to do work. Sometimes, when it's this warm, it's nearly impossible to get out of bed and do anything!S

Always having your windows open... even in the rain

I really like having my windows open, but there are some times when that's really not the best move. Like when it's raining. Or when it's 7 am and the grocery store next door to you is getting [really loud] deliveries and the trucks are blowing exhaust through your open window. Clearly, that last one happens to me a lot.

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