An Unfinished Apple As Life's Perfect Metaphor


thin skin

of a little blossom,

that once was.

soft yellow

of an organic growth

that once was.

small crescents

that browned overnight,

these things that once were.

I am unsure where this poem came from, exactly. It was an observation of an unfinished apple I had eaten, as odd as that sounds. I believe in a larger sense; I wanted it to mirror the process of growing and fading away. We all have such a small start, and to see the gradual cycle of life to death interests me.

I believe all of life is cyclical. Such as "Thanatopsis" by William Cullen Bryant, where he truly captures the simple, yet profound, message of "ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

Likewise, the song "Moving On" by Mimicking Birds, well, mimics this process as well. They write, "Same way the glacier scrapes shaving a new mountain face / As the changing seas swell over their northern jetties / ...While the branches leave their shadows shade ancestors beneath / Same way the sun burns up, someday it's all dug up."

I love how nature is such a common theme in both pieces, in how it truly parallels what words try so desperately to capture. Life moves, as we ourselves try desperately to grasp onto the parts we aren't yet ready to let go of. And there will always be an end to it all.

This is a difficult development, and not something I understand in full, yet. I hope to continue to unravel all of these thoughts and more.

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