When you see the 7th "Finals, as told by" article of the day.

When you know they trying way too hard to sound relatable.

When you confused because the header barely even fits with the gif.

When their desperation is suffocating you.

When you're looking for the creativity.

When you realize Buzzfeed writers get paid to make this pile of feces.

When you see the "I am dead inside" gif for the thousandth time.

When you see them being way over-dramatic.

When you feel isolated from the rest of the world, even those closest to you, because of your radical anti-as-told-by beliefs.

When the constant, never-ending battle is really getting to you.

When you trying to sleep but then you sense another article was posted

When someone stabs you in the middle of the street because they somehow knew you were anti-as-told-by

When you cry yourself to sleep every night knowing that they're still out there, infecting the minds of poor, innocent children, teaching them that this kind of behavior is acceptable, that one is rewarded for committing such vulgar, inhumane acts, instead of being locked up to rot until death, like one should.

When you realize the article you made about how much you hate "as told by" articles is just as uncreative, hyperbolic, and attention-craving as the "as told by" articles you make fun of in the article, possibly worse.