This is dedicated to all the immigrant/undocumented fathers out there.

Papa, thank you for being brave. Because of your bravery and strength, you were able to come to a whole new country and start a new life. You were able to leave your home, family, friends, and everything you have ever known just to make a new life for me. You have faced hard challenges like learning a new language, a new place, and meeting new people all with bravery.

Because of you, papa, I am brave.

Papa, thank you for being the light. You always come home with a joke to tell or a smile to give. Life throws things at you unexpectedly, Papi, but, you never let us see that it has affected you. In fact, I know my siblings and I have never truly seen you come home from a "bad day" at work. Since you are always so happy, you have taught me to just go with the flow and not let the little things bring me down. You have taught me that as long as I have God and my family everything will be ok.

Papa, thank you for always being kind. Growing up I have always watched you give a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Whether it is a stranger stuck on the side of the road or a family member, you are always there to help. Because of your kindness, you have instilled in me the need to always want to help out anyone who needs it.

Papa, thank you for being the glue that holds us together. When you had no family here, you made your own and because of that, you understood the importance of family. So whenever we fight, you make sure to make us hug it out so we don't stay mad for too long. Because of this, you have taught me that the only thing we are sure to always have is the love between us.

Thank you, dad, for everything you have done. Your sacrifices have never gone unnoticed. From the example you have set, I have big dreams and big goals. Because of you one day I will be able to achieve those goals. I want to show you that your hardships were not in vain. I love you Dad.