Do You Really Know What Your Dreams Mean?

Dreaming is such a wonderful and indescribable experience. It's an alternate reality where anything could happen, no matter how strange. Casually flying to Antarctica to snuggle with some penguins? In dream world, it makes perfect sense. Have you ever stopped to think what all those weird dreams actually mean? I have been having some weird dreams lately, and I am not sure if it has to do with the crazy lifestyle of an involved college student, or something more complex. If dreams are just a projection of my subconscious, wouldn't it be important to figure out what they mean?

Whether saving the world from the conspiracies of soil research specialists, fighting an evil mermaid underneath a frozen pond, or trying to convince my roommates to help me get rid of some flying cows, I do a lot of really weird stuff while dreaming. I've spent countless hours on the Internet trying to figure out what they mean. I'm not a professional and honestly have no business interpreting anyone's dreams for them, but here are some of my possible explanations for your weird dream activities.

Animals in dreams generally symbolize basic or instinctual actions, behaviors and emotions. These instincts and behaviors are usually repressed in the shadow side of our personalities, because they are deemed unacceptable and so go unacknowledged during the day. The animals in your dreams may represent character traits that you naturally exhibit, but do not want to show during the day.

Being chased and running away are among the most common dreams reported and are probably remembered often because we are anxious and afraid when we wake up. Many times you cannot even identify what is chasing you or what you are running from or to.

Another common dream theme is narrowly escaping death, right before your body wakes up. When your brain is telling you that you are in mortal danger, like falling from a great height, your brain releases adrenaline, your body's response to danger. That rush of adrenaline effectively prevents you from sleeping, and wakes you right up.

It is important that we share our dreams. Talking about our dreams with one another, despite their absurdity, allows us to connect and relate to one another. Some of us count goats, work out math problems, or plan our day to help us fall asleep. Others are lucky and can sleep anytime and anywhere. Regardless how you get there, with sleep comes dreams. Whether it is a short power nap or a 14-hour escape from reality, your mind is bound to venture off into some uncharted waters.

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