Political correctness and overarching 'acceptance' has caused as many problems as it has solutions. The hate has turned around, but it's still hate. It's supposedly not okay to hate anybody...except for when they disagree or don't understand something it seems.

The biggest example I've seen is when people talk about gender - specifically transgender and non-binary. It's understandable for a lot of people for these people to want to be accepted how they are, but a lot of other people don't understand either of the concepts. Honestly, even I don't comprehend it because I've never felt it. When somebody has never experienced something, it becomes easy to be skeptical about the concept, especially when nobody around that person has ever felt it either. This gender talk is entirely new to some people, and to me it's understandable that they wouldn't get it, and not believe in it. The problem is, yelling at them, threatening them, and degrading them will never work and make them more accepting, only more hateful.

This gender talk is entirely new in science as well. There's very little hard scientific research about gender. We don't understand why it happens, we don't understand exactly what it even is or how to study it well. It can't be backed by science, it isn't backed by personal experience, and to many people, it isn't backed by logic either. It's not hard to see this side and try to see it from somebody else's point of view. It's different from them and everything they know, so it's weird.

For me, I don't believe you can have the gender of moon or identify as a star. There are people who sincerely say things like this, and it definitely belittles the gender conversation, because it's so out there. With things like people saying they're actually inanimate objects, many people will take the transgender and non-binary identifications as just as silly. It's not that big of a jump from not believing in people identifying as inanimate objects to not believing in people identifying as the opposite gender or no gender at all.

I don't think people should be unaccepting or hate anybody. It just gets ridiculous that even people who do nothing with their disbelief get called bigoted and their viewpoint gets ignored instead of thoughtful conversation about why they don't believe it and how those people feel. Non-binary people need to be understood, but so do less accepting people. Everybody has prejudices and long-held beliefs about something, so everybody should know how hard it is to let go of those beliefs and have an opposing experience thrust upon them. Without understanding those people, hate on both sides will remain.