The 10 Most Underrated Things About Fall That Aren't Basic
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The 10 Most Underrated, Exciting Things About Fall That Don't Include Basic PSLs And Halloween

There's more to the season than pumpkin spice lattes and big sweaters.

The 10 Most Underrated, Exciting Things About Fall That Don't Include Basic PSLs And Halloween

Fall is a common favorite among the seasons, but so many people tend to stick to the basic reasoning: Halloween, pumpkin everything, chunky sweaters, you know the drill.

While all of those definitely add to all of the amazing things in fall, I think there are quite a few very important fall items and activities that do not get all of the hype they deserve; so, I've compiled a list of all of the things that I think make fall the best season of all, besides pumpkin spice lattes.

Caramel Apples


This is one I hold near and dear to my heart. Although I technically could eat a caramel apple or an apple with caramel all year round, seeing them around the grocery stores is what signifies fall for me.

Also, nothing was better than coming home from a long day of elementary school and having a caramel apple as the best after-school snack.

Crock Pot Season


It finally gets cool enough in fall to break out all of the amazing crock pot recipes! I have so many new things to try this year that I don't even know where to begin.

Crunching The Leaves On The Ground


Everyone knows it's beautiful in fall with the leaves changing color, but when they start falling off of the trees and you get to step on them with a satisfying crunch- it's even better.

Kettle Corn


Kettle corn from the pumpkin patch is always superior to all other kettle corn, period. Also, it just doesn't taste the same during any other season.



Sitting around the campfire can seem like a very summery activity, but I think fall bonfires are superior. You actually need the warmth, you can sit around in hoodies and blankets, and the smell of the fire has always reminded me of fall.

The Photos


Sure, pictures with green grass or a bright blue ocean look great, but a picture filled with orange and red leaves, beautiful sunsets, and the fall atmosphere make every picture look amazing no matter what.

An Excuse To Eat Candy All The Time


Everyone is free to eat anything whenever they please, but it feels more socially acceptable to break out a few pieces of fun size candy bars during the fall since people assume it's in relation to Halloween.

Spooky Shows


Not only is fall often a prime time for the premier of new shows, but all of the classic Halloween movies are on TV and streaming networks along with a ton of other eerie shows and movies.

The Crisp Air


It may sound strange, but we all know the air feels different on a cool fall night. The crispness and slight chill in the air sets the perfect tone for any fall event and is a breath of fresh air coming out of sticky humid summer nights.

Coffee/Hot Drinks All Day Long


Many of us still drink coffee throughout the day during the hotter months, but whether you find that socially acceptable or not, coffee or hot chocolate is just better when it's colder out!

Although the list of things to try and do in the fall could go on forever, these are some of the more important things I think you should accomplish this fall. I hope everyone gets to enjoy these things and experiences the luxury of crunching all of the leaves with a hot chocolate in hand!

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