The Most Underrated Songs of 2020
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The Most Underrated Songs of 2020

You should have these songs on Replay, Re-replay!

The Most Underrated Songs of 2020
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2020 has had amazing music. It's one of the few things this year did right. We had a lot of amazing albums released this year, and a lot of amazing songs.

However, some of these songs have not been given the credit they deserve. Whether it's the fact that they weren't released as singles, or they were overshadowed by others, they just haven't been given the love and haven't had their amazingness recognized. Until now.

Here are the most underrated songs of 2020.

1. Enigma - Lady Gaga

While all the songs on "Chromatica" are amazing, "Enigma" is not getting the credit it deserves. It's seems like I'm the only person who puts it as number one on their "Chromatica" rankings. Lady Gaga screams her face off in this song, and I respect the hell out of it. It's a perfect balance of dance music, and surprisingly emotional and touching lyrics. And it's named after her amazing Las Vegas show, so that's a plus.

2. 1000 Doves - Lady Gaga

Yes I have two songs from "Chromatica" on this list. It's an amazing album. This might actually be the most underrated song on the album, since it's technically the only ballad on a dance-pop album. However, it's emotional and inspiring, and still manages to be a fun dance track. This song is a slow burn, it really grew on me, and I ended up moving it up two spots on my album rankings.

3. Free Woman - Lady Gaga

Yes, there's another "Chromatica" song on this list. Deal with it. This is another song that doesn't get enough love. Mainly because the leaked demo version is a little better than the official version. However, the official version is still amazing. We all need a feminist, strong-woman, dance song, and "Free Woman" is perfect.

4. All Night - Afrojack (feat. Ally Brooke)

Anyone remember this song? It came out in January, so no one probably does. However, it hit number 1 on the dance radio charts, which it deserves. It's an amazing song. Ally Brooke is such a talent, and her voice is amazing on this song. The beat is also really fun, so well-done Afrojack.

5. long story short - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was busy this year, and made us all feel even more worthless than she usually makes us feel. She released two albums, and dropped them on us surprisingly. "long story short" is from her second surprise album, "evermore", and it might be the most underrated track from both albums. It feels like a song from "1989", and seems out of place with Taylor's new woodsy, alternative style. However, it's amazing, it's catchy, and it's so well-written. I know it's a long shot, but i hope Taylor makes it a single, even though I know she won't.

6. She - Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez released a deluxe version of her album "Rare" in April, which featured three new songs. Out of all those three new songs, "She" got the least amount of hype, since "Boyfriend" was a single, and "Souvenir" is amazingly written. However, "She" is still a great song. It really captures Selena's ability to have really relatable songs, which she deserves more credit for. It's all about looking back on your life, both the good and the bad, and what you choose to make of it.

7. Future Nostalgia

Even though "Future Nostalgia" the album was critically acclaimed, and rightfully so, I haven't seen its title track get the love it deserves. Except for the amazing line "I know you ain't used to a female alpha", and that isn't even the best lyric in the song. ("I can't teach a man how to wear his pants" is clearly the best, FYI.) It's a bad bitch anthem, and I love it. The title might not have a whole lot to do with the lyrics, however, it's still great.

8. Cool - Dua Lipa

When you have ballads on a mostly dance album, they tend to get lost in the shuffle. And unfortunately, this kind of happened to "Cool." It's an amazing song, and still has catchy lyrics and beats, even though it's slower.

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