If you're sick of watching the same old show reruns and are looking for some new content to spice up your viewing experience, this list is for you! These movies and shows are criminally underrated and absolutely deserve a watch.

Whether you need some weekend binge-watching inspiration or a quick film to watch on a lazy night after work, these excellent titles will do the trick.

1. "Like Father"

Starring Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer, this comedy is about a young workaholic woman who is left at the altar and ends up taking her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father. She ends up realizing she is more like her father than she thinks, as he originally left his family behind for work reasons. The cruise ends up bringing these two closer together and giving them a new appreciation for life. 'Like Father' was just released on Netflix, making it a timely recommendation!

2. "Six"

This History Channel drama series is inspired by true events and follows Navy SEAL Team 6 as they work to try to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. This mission may seem straightforward, but this team encounters many surprises during this mission -- including finding an American fighting with the Taliban. Tune in to watch the adventures of this intense Navy SEAL team as they try to figure out who organizes this terrorist network and eliminate their target.

3. "Claws"

Think that a drama series about a nail salon isn't for you? Think again. It may seem superficial on the surface, but "Claws" dives into the drama-filled lives of salon-owner Desna and her female staff members. With the main characters having to overcome addictions, deal with criminal pasts, and manage the day to day salon life, the Nail Artisan of Manatee County Florida provides juicy entertainment. Come for the drama, stay for the extremely well-done character development.

4. "Happy Anniversary"

"Happy Anniversary" is a surprisingly well-done indie rom-com that explores the relationship of its two main characters, Molly and Sam. This quirky couple is coming up on their three year anniversary and needs to decide whether their relationship is worth staying together for or if it's time to call it quits. Instead of focusing on the lead up to happily ever after, this film explores what can happen after that happily ever after moment. Definitely worth the watch!